Cindy Crawford shares her thoughts on aging and her beauty routine with Botox

Cindy Crawford shares her thoughts on aging and her beauty routine with Botox

Cindy Crawford has always been a symbol of timeless beauty, and at 58, she continues to captivate audiences with her stunning looks. However, Crawford is candid about her approach to aging and beauty routines, emphasizing that she has no interest in cosmetic surgery or extensive tweakments. In a recent interview with the New York Times, she shared her thoughts on aging and her beauty regimen, including her experiences with Botox.

Crawford revealed that while she has used Botox in the past, she has gradually reduced its use over the years. She prefers her forehead to match the natural appearance of the rest of her face. Instead of relying heavily on cosmetic procedures, Crawford maintains a rigorous beauty routine to keep herself looking fresh. Her regimen includes radio frequency treatments, microneedling, infrared saunas, cold plunges, and the use of a red light mask. Every morning, she practices dry brushing and lymphatic drainage, followed by using a gua sha tool.

Despite her dedication to these beauty practices, Crawford remains pragmatic about their impact. “I’ll do those kinds of things, but in the end, I truly haven’t seen anything that’s made such a huge difference that I like on anyone,” she stated. This practical approach reflects her broader perspective on beauty and aging.

Crawford’s thoughts on aging extend beyond her personal routine. She has openly discussed the challenges of ageism in the fashion and beauty industry. At 58, she sometimes contemplates stepping away from magazines and photo shoots. However, she questions whether doing so would send a message to women that they need to “hang it up” at a certain age. This internal conflict highlights the societal pressures women face regarding aging and beauty.

Crawford has also addressed ageism on social media. She has responded to comments questioning why she continues to do photo shoots, including nude ones, in her 50s. She challenges the notion that there is an age limit to beauty, asserting that beauty evolves and remains valid at any age. This perspective is part of the reason she continues to participate in photo shoots.

While Crawford remains a hardworking supermodel, she acknowledges that photo shoots have become more challenging with age. She humorously remarked, “I hope this is politically correct, but sometimes I say I need Viagra for shoots. It’s harder to get it up.” This candid admission underscores the physical demands of modeling and the realities of aging.

Crawford’s influence extends to her family, particularly her daughter Kaia Gerber, who has followed in her footsteps as a model. However, Crawford is mindful of not imposing her opinions on her children. She shared that she tries to avoid giving unsolicited advice, allowing her children to seek her guidance when they feel the need.

Crawford’s reflections on aging and beauty resonate with many women who face similar dilemmas. The pressure to maintain a youthful appearance is pervasive in society, and the choices available can be overwhelming. From Botox and fillers to various skincare treatments, the options are endless. This constant barrage of choices can be mentally exhausting, as women navigate the complexities of aging in a culture that often equates youth with power and beauty.

Crawford’s approach to aging is a blend of acceptance and self-care. She embraces non-invasive treatments and a disciplined beauty routine while rejecting the notion that cosmetic surgery is necessary to maintain her appearance. Her perspective encourages women to find their own balance and make choices that align with their values and comfort levels.

In a world where aging is often portrayed as something to be feared and avoided, Crawford’s candidness offers a refreshing perspective. She challenges the stigma associated with aging and advocates for a more inclusive definition of beauty. Her journey serves as a reminder that beauty is not confined to youth and that aging can be embraced with grace and authenticity.

Cindy Crawford’s thoughts on aging and her beauty routine with Botox provide valuable insights into the complexities of maintaining one’s appearance in a society that often prioritizes youth. Her pragmatic approach, combined with her commitment to self-care, offers a balanced perspective that resonates with many women navigating similar challenges. As she continues to inspire and influence, Crawford’s message is clear: beauty is timeless, and aging is a natural part of life that should be celebrated, not feared.

Source: New York Times, Getty Images, @cindycrawford Instagram

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