Connor Wood Aka Fibula Discusses Comedy TikTok and Crushes

Connor Wood Aka Fibula Discusses Comedy TikTok and Crushes

If you’re an avid TikTok user, you’ve likely come across the usernames @ladyefron and @fibula. These handles belong to Brooke Averick and Connor Wood, respectively, two charismatic and hilarious content creators who have gained significant popularity on the platform. While each has their own unique style and growing personal brand, together they form a dynamic podcasting duo.

Brooke and Connor host “Brooke and Connor Make A Podcast,” a quirky and laugh-out-loud funny show produced by TMG Studios. Whether they’re dissecting pop culture moments, posing thought-provoking questions, or engaging in friendly debates, Brooke and Connor have a knack for making their listeners feel like old friends. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with them to discuss their lives as internet personalities, comedians, and podcasters, and to hear about some of their exciting upcoming projects.

Brooke, who lives in Los Angeles, used to be a pre-school teacher. When COVID hit, she downloaded TikTok, had a viral video, and decided to quit her job. She also has a pet guinea pig named Frankie. Connor, originally from Texas, worked in tech before transitioning to comedy and social media. Together, they create TikTok content, perform comedy, and host their podcast.

The podcast wasn’t something they initially planned. Connor explained that they were given the opportunity to start it, and after a few attempts, they found their stride. Cody Ko reached out to them, and despite initial doubts, they eventually figured it out. Brooke mentioned that looking back at their first episode felt like torture, but it’s rewarding to see how far they’ve come.

When asked to summarize their podcast in a tweet, Brooke described it as “a podcast about nothing and everything, all at once,” or “background noise meets philosophy.” Connor added that he wanted the podcast to feel like hanging out with friends, a sentiment that resonates with many listeners.

Describing each other in three words, Connor called Brooke “patient, small-but-mighty, and witty,” while Brooke described Connor as “smooth, charismatic, and quick.” They also shared some fun insights, like the weirdest things they’ve googled for the podcast, including “men’s versus women’s urethra size” and “Wet Goddess,” a story about a person who had a relationship with a dolphin.

Their friendship plays a significant role in their ability to work together. While it can be challenging to separate business disagreements from personal feelings, they both agree that their friendship makes the collaboration more enjoyable. Connor likened Brooke to Edna Mode from “The Incredibles” and Nick from “New Girl,” while Brooke said Connor is like Nick from “New Girl.”

One of the most misunderstood aspects of their relationship is that they’re not actually fighting. The disagreements on the podcast are part of the entertainment, and once the recording stops, they’re back to being friends. Brooke emphasized that they often disagree more on the podcast than in real life to keep things interesting.

When asked what each does better than anyone else, Brooke praised Connor’s socializing skills, while Connor admired Brooke’s ability to fake it and hold it together even when she’s in a bad mood. They also shared their dream podcast guests, with Brooke wanting Hank Green for his scientific knowledge and Connor hoping to have Kristen Wiig or Julia Louis-Dreyfus for their interesting stories and comedic talent.

If they could do a crossover episode with any other podcast, they would choose “The Basement Yard” for the potential banter. As internet personalities, they face challenges like maintaining a positive mood and moving their audience to new platforms. Connor mentioned the difficulty of getting people to follow them to their new YouTube channel, but they’re seeing significant growth.

Their key takeaways from podcasting include learning not to stress about negative feedback and stopping the habit of over-explaining. Connor also advised aspiring podcasters to find their niche and keep posting consistently.

Looking ahead, Connor is excited about his upcoming “Fibs & Friends Tour,” which includes 12 cities and 35 sold-out shows across the US. Brooke is launching a solo podcast called “Obsessed,” where she’ll dive into various topics she’s passionate about.

For those looking to get into podcasting, Brooke’s advice is to have genuine conversations on-camera, while Connor emphasized the importance of finding a niche and being persistent. As for their manifestations for 2024, both are hoping for positive shifts in the universe and continued success in their careers.

Ultimately, Brooke and Connor hope their listeners take away the message that there are no dumb questions and that it’s okay to sound dumb sometimes. The smartest people are those who aren’t afraid to ask questions and learn.

Source: BuzzFeed

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