Country music legend shares update with fans after life-saving surgery

Country music legend shares update with fans after life-saving surgery

Country music legend Colt Ford has shared an emotional update with his fans following a life-saving surgery. The 54-year-old star, who collapsed after a show in Arizona in early April, has been in the hospital ever since. For a while, the reports from the hospital were grim, but Ford has finally broken his silence, offering a glimmer of hope to his supporters.

In a heartfelt video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, Ford expressed his gratitude. “I just wanted to tell you guys, thank y’all for all the prayers, the love, the comments, the messages,” he said from his hospital bed. “I got a long way to go, but I promise you this old country boy will get back. It probably won’t be this year, and I hate that I gotta miss all these shows, but I am coming back.”

Ford’s first public statements since the incident came during a call to the Big D & Bubba show. He revealed the severity of his ordeal, stating that he “died twice” during the experience. “It’s been a traumatic, crazy experience,” Ford told the hosts. “I didn’t even remember coming out here to do a show in Phoenix.”

The incident occurred after Ford had just finished performing at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row bar in Mesa, Arizona. He had texted his fiancée, “Hi baby,” before collapsing. Fortunately, his band members found him and took immediate action. Country music star Brantley Gilbert also played a crucial role in getting Ford to the hospital and ensuring he was transferred to a facility equipped to handle his heart condition.

“He said, ‘I don’t care what you do, get him to the other hospital,’” Ford recounted about Gilbert’s insistence. During the transport, Ford’s heart stopped, but medical professionals managed to revive him. “They brought me back,” he said. “They saved my life. The Lord had more for me to do.”

Ford’s doctors were initially pessimistic about his chances of survival. “He said, I would give you a .1 percent chance that you would have survived,” Ford recalled. Despite the odds, Ford underwent surgery to have three stents placed in his heart.

In his social media message, Ford also thanked his family and fiancée Megan for their support. “It’s tough on everybody,” he said. “You don’t realize that until you get in this situation. Make sure you take care of yourself. Things can sneak up on you, but know that I’m coming back. I promise you. I love y’all.”

Ford, whose real name is Jason Farris Brown, has faced numerous health challenges over the years. Last year, Taste of Country reported that he was battling Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease. He also had eye cancer and underwent surgery three years ago to address it.

A former professional golfer, Ford has released eight studio albums since his debut in 2008. His most recent album, “Must Be Country,” was released in 2023. Despite his health issues, Ford remains determined to return to his music career. “I still got a long way to go,” he said in his latest video update. “But if you think I ain’t coming back, bet against me and see what happens. I love y’all. Peace.”

Ford’s resilience and determination have been a source of inspiration for his fans. His latest update, showing him in a wheelchair outside the hospital, was a testament to his fighting spirit. “Hey guys, it’s Colt here,” he said in the video. “I am fighting so hard, every day to get back to my family, my friends, and my fans. I love y’all so much. I got my (butt) out of bed with some help from the wonderful nurses, got in a wheelchair, they brought me outside so I could feel a little sun on my face for the first time in a long time. Feels good.”

Ford’s fans have rallied around him, offering messages of support and encouragement. His journey to recovery is far from over, but his determination to return to the stage is unwavering. “I promise you this old country boy will get back,” he said. “I love y’all.”

Ford’s story is a reminder of the importance of health and the power of community support. As he continues his recovery, his fans eagerly await his return to the music scene. “Make sure you take care of yourself,” Ford advised. “Things can sneak up on you, but know that I’m coming back. I promise you. I love y’all.”

Source: Brian Linder, Taylor Kamnetz

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