Country star Brian Kelley focused on family God after ‘curveball’ Florida Georgia Line split

Country star Brian Kelley focused on family God after ‘curveball’ Florida Georgia Line split

Brian Kelley, formerly one half of the popular country duo Florida Georgia Line, is embracing a new chapter in his life with a focus on family, faith, and his solo career. The 38-year-old country star recently released his new album, “Tennessee Truth,” which he describes as a tribute to his deep Tennessee roots and a reflection of his personal values.

Kelley shared with Fox News Digital that his father was born in Tennessee and moved to Nashville at a young age. This connection to Tennessee is a significant part of his identity and is celebrated in his new music. “This record is a tribute to my deep Tennessee roots in my family,” Kelley said, highlighting the importance of his heritage.

After moving to Nashville in 2007 to pursue a career in songwriting, Kelley has remained dedicated to his craft. “I’m just so grateful that music is still leading my life,” he expressed. Despite the challenges and changes, Kelley continues to find inspiration in his everyday experiences, often jotting down lyrics that come to him spontaneously.

His new album features songs like “Trucks, Ducks, Bucks and Beer,” “King Ranch,” and “10 O’Clock on the Dock,” which all emphasize themes of family, nature, and enjoying life. “My wife Brittney, our family time together with our extended family means the world to me,” Kelley shared, noting that his lyrics often draw from his lifestyle of being outdoors, whether in the woods or on the water.

Kelley’s music is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures and hard work. “It’s about loving and living life to its fullest,” he said. He and his wife Brittney make a conscious effort to spend quality time together, whether it’s a day at the lake or simply relaxing at home. “I hope people can really grasp from this record that it’s just authentic to me, and I hope it’s really authentic to them,” Kelley added.

The split from Florida Georgia Line in 2022 was a significant turning point for Kelley. He revealed that he never intended for the duo to break up and had hoped to balance their group efforts with solo projects. “I was really pushing to keep it all together,” he explained. However, life had other plans, and Kelley chose to channel the unexpected change into his solo work.

One of the songs on his new album, “Kiss My Boots,” has sparked speculation that it might be about his former bandmate Tyler Hubbard. Kelley, however, dismissed these rumors, stating that the song was a collaborative effort with co-writers and not specifically directed at anyone. “It’s all about being patient and finding the truth in every session, every day,” he said.

Despite the end of Florida Georgia Line, Kelley remains grateful for the years he spent with the duo. “I wouldn’t be the singer that I am today without my experience in the duo,” he acknowledged. He also hinted at the possibility of a future reunion, saying, “You never know what can happen — may circle back around at some point.”

For now, Kelley is focused on connecting with his fans and sharing his personal journey through his music. “I’m really trying to connect with fans and let them know my heart and my story,” he said. He finds joy in the creative process and the challenges that come with building a solo career.

Reflecting on his time with Florida Georgia Line, Kelley expressed pride in his efforts to keep the duo together. “I gave it my best shot to keep it going,” he said. Now, he is channeling his energy into his solo work, ensuring that his music remains true to his values and experiences.

“Tennessee Truth” is a testament to Kelley’s resilience and dedication to his roots. The album, released earlier this month, is a celebration of family, faith, and the simple joys of life, offering fans a glimpse into the heart and soul of Brian Kelley.

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