Courteney Cox Recreates Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark

Courteney Cox Recreates Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark

Courteney Cox has once again captured the hearts of fans by recreating her iconic dance from Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 hit “Dancing in the Dark.” The “Friends” star, now 59, joined a viral TikTok trend where people ask their moms to show off their 1980s dance moves. Cox, who originally starred in the music video, took the opportunity to relive her memorable moment.

In the TikTok video, Cox starts by dancing around her living room in a blue sweater and jeans, looking slightly awkward. The text “Asking my mom how she danced in the 80’s” appears on the screen. After a few moments, she dramatically unzips her sweater to reveal the same Springsteen t-shirt she wore in the original video. The music then switches to “Dancing in the Dark,” and Cox energetically mimics her dance moves from nearly four decades ago.

The video also includes clips from the original music video, showing a young Cox being pulled on stage by Springsteen and dancing with him in front of a massive crowd. “1980’s dancing… in the dark,” Cox captioned her TikTok, which has already garnered over 3.3 million views. Fans flooded the comments with praise, calling it the best recreation yet and reminiscing about the iconic moment.

Cox’s role in the “Dancing in the Dark” video was a significant milestone in her career. At just 20 years old, she was selected by director Brian De Palma from a casting call. The video was filmed during the opening night of Springsteen’s Born in the USA Tour in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Despite her initial reluctance and nervousness, the experience opened many doors for her in Hollywood.

In a 2022 interview on “The Howard Stern Show,” Cox admitted she felt embarrassed looking back at her dance moves. “Did you see my dance? It was pathetic. I’m not a bad dancer, but that was horrible. I was so nervous,” she joked. She also recalled feeling out of place during the audition, which may have contributed to her being cast over professional dancers. “I think that’s what they wanted: a fan that just couldn’t believe it,” she told Stern.

Before her breakthrough role in the music video, Cox had only a few acting credits, including a commercial and an episode of the soap opera “As the World Turns.” The success of the video led to guest roles in popular TV shows like “Seinfeld,” “Murder She Wrote,” and “Family Ties.” Eventually, she landed her star-making role as Monica Geller in “Friends,” which ran from 1994 to 2004.

Cox’s recreation of her dance moves has not only delighted fans but also brought back fond memories of the 1980s. Her celebrity friends, including Jennifer Garner, also chimed in with praise. “You win!” Garner commented on the video.

The TikTok trend has seen many parents showing off their 1980s dance moves, but Cox’s recreation stands out due to its nostalgic value and her connection to the original music video. The trend typically features the song “Smalltown Boy” by Bronski Beat, but Cox’s switch to “Dancing in the Dark” added a personal touch that resonated with fans.

Cox’s ability to poke fun at herself and embrace her past has endeared her to a new generation of fans. She remains active on social media, often sharing humorous spoofs and nostalgic content. Last month, she recreated a famous scene from “Friends” where her character Monica battles frizzy hair due to humidity, much to the delight of her followers.

The “Dancing in the Dark” video was a pivotal moment in Cox’s career, and her recent TikTok recreation serves as a reminder of her journey from a young actress to a beloved TV star. As fans continue to celebrate her throwback dance moves, it’s clear that Courteney Cox’s charm and talent remain timeless.

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