Dalton Gomez Goes Instagram Official with Maika Monroe

Dalton Gomez Goes Instagram Official with Maika Monroe

Dalton Gomez and Maika Monroe have taken their relationship to the next level by going Instagram official. On Sunday, June 9, the “It Follows” actress, 31, shared a series of photos on her Instagram, confirming her romance with the real estate agent, who was previously married to pop star Ariana Grande.

Monroe’s Instagram post, simply captioned with a star emoji, began with a heartwarming photo of her standing on her tiptoes to kiss Gomez, 28, in a crosswalk. The couple looked blissfully happy, marking a significant moment in their relationship.

In another photo from the same post, the couple is seen snuggled up together in front of a stunning sea view. Both were dressed in comfortable, all-black outfits, capturing a serene golden-hour moment that highlighted their affection for each other.

This Instagram post marks the first time Monroe has shared a grid photo with Gomez, although she had previously posted pictures of him on her Instagram Stories. Those fleeting images had expired, making this their first official appearance together on her main feed.

The couple was first linked in October 2023 when they were spotted kissing in photos obtained by TMZ. Since then, they have been seen together multiple times, including a PDA-filled sighting at Los Angeles’ LAX airport last month, as captured by several media outlets.

Before their relationship, both Gomez and Monroe had high-profile romances. Gomez was married to Ariana Grande, 30, who is now dating her “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater. Gomez and Grande’s relationship became serious during the pandemic, leading to their engagement in December 2020 and marriage in May 2021. However, they finalized their divorce in March 2024 after separating in July 2023.

Monroe, on the other hand, was previously linked to “Stranger Things” star Joe Keery. The former couple made their first red carpet appearance together in October 2017 and separated sometime between 2022 and 2023. Keery recently opened up about their breakup in a June 6 interview with Variety, sharing how he coped with the split while filming the fifth season of “Fargo.”

The confirmation of Gomez and Monroe’s relationship comes on the same day Ariana Grande was spotted on a public date night with her new boyfriend, Ethan Slater. The timing of these public appearances has certainly caught the attention of fans and media alike.

Monroe’s Instagram post not only confirmed her relationship with Gomez but also showcased their chemistry and happiness together. The couple’s matching outfits and relaxed demeanor in the photos suggest they are enjoying their time together and are comfortable sharing their love with the world.

Gomez and Monroe’s relationship has been a topic of interest since they were first spotted together. Their public displays of affection and now their Instagram official status indicate that they are serious about each other. Fans of both Monroe and Gomez are excited to see where their relationship goes from here.

As for Ariana Grande, she has also moved on and seems to be happy with Ethan Slater. The pop star and her “Wicked” co-star were recently seen attending the Stanley Cup Final together, further solidifying their relationship in the public eye.

The intertwining relationships of these celebrities have certainly kept fans and media on their toes. With Gomez and Monroe now Instagram official, it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops and how they navigate their public and private lives.

In the world of celebrity relationships, going Instagram official is a significant step. It signals a level of commitment and willingness to share one’s personal life with the public. For Gomez and Monroe, this step marks a new chapter in their relationship, one that fans will undoubtedly be following closely.

As they continue to share their journey together, fans can look forward to more glimpses into their life as a couple. Whether it’s through more Instagram posts or public appearances, Gomez and Monroe’s relationship is sure to remain a topic of interest in the celebrity world.

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