DCU Batman Fans Want Is Too Old

DCU Batman Fans Want Is Too Old

DCU Batman Fans Want Is Too Old

With the DCU having recently cast David Corenswet as Superman, fans are now eagerly speculating about who James Gunn will choose to play the next Batman. Popular names like Alan Ritchson and Jake Gyllenhaal are frequently mentioned online. However, there’s a significant issue: these actors are simply too old for the role.

Many fan-casting choices seem to target actors over 40, such as Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles and Jon Hamm. While these actors might make a great Bruce Wayne in other contexts, they don’t fit the vision for the DCU’s Batman. The desire for an older, more muscular Batman seems to echo the controversial Batfleck era, which many fans disliked.

Older Batman often translates to a weary, jaded character. This version of Batman, seen in Batman v Superman, is a vigilante who has lost much of his hope and optimism. He even brands criminals, leading to their deaths in prison. While Alan Ritchson’s portrayal of Jack Reacher is impressive, casting him as Batman risks returning to the Snyderverse’s darker tone.

It’s crucial for Batman and Superman to be close in age. Although Superman (2025) won’t be an origin story, it will still depict the hero’s early days. James Gunn doesn’t need to cast someone exactly the same age as David Corenswet, but the age gap shouldn’t be too wide. A young, inexperienced Superman paired with a veteran Batman creates an awkward dynamic reminiscent of the Snyderverse.

The first Batman film announced for the DCU is The Brave and the Bold, featuring Batman and his son, Damien, AKA Robin. Some fans might think Batman needs to be middle-aged to be a father. However, Batman in his prime is typically around 29-34 years old. If Damien is around 10 years old, as in the comics, it’s feasible for Batman to be in his early 30s. Damien is the result of a fling between Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul early in Batman’s career.

It’s entirely possible for the DCU’s Batman to have conceived Damien in his late teens or early 20s and still be around 30 when The Brave and the Bold takes place. If James Gunn is wise, he’ll take this approach. Otherwise, the DCU risks featuring an old, brooding Batman, which contradicts the fresh start the franchise aims to achieve.

A younger Batman offers a more dynamic and optimistic character. Casting a 46-year-old Jensen Ackles doesn’t guarantee a Frank Miller-esque portrayal, but it does limit the character’s potential. An older Batman who started crime-fighting at 38 doesn’t fit the narrative. The choice is between a younger, adventurous Caped Crusader or an older, more psychotic Dark Knight. You can’t have both.

Fans hope James Gunn will choose an actor closer in age to David Corenswet (30) rather than Alan Ritchson (41). Otherwise, the DCU risks creating another Batfleck scenario, which few fans want to see repeated.

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