Deadpool Calls Out an MCU Character as Marvel’s Most Despicable Villain

Deadpool Calls Out an MCU Character as Marvel’s Most Despicable Villain

Deadpool has never been one to mince words, and in his latest comic book escapade, he doesn’t hold back in calling out one of the MCU’s most notorious villains. In a heated battle, Deadpool labels Crossbones as “the worst of us,” underscoring the villain’s irredeemable nature.

Deadpool’s disdain for Crossbones is palpable, and it may stem from a deep-seated grudge. Crossbones, after all, is infamous for “killing” Captain America, a hero Deadpool holds in high regard. This animosity adds a personal edge to their ongoing conflict in the comics, which could very well translate into a future MCU showdown.

In Deadpool #3, penned by Cody Ziglar and illustrated by Rogê Antônio, the Merc with a Mouth finds himself in a deadly firefight with Crossbones. The villainous mercenary has been hired by a cult of zealots led by a new antagonist, Death Grip, to eliminate Deadpool. Despite Deadpool’s formidable healing factor, Crossbones comes dangerously close to achieving his mission.

As the battle rages on, Deadpool takes note of Crossbones’ threat level. However, what truly preoccupies him is Crossbones’ lack of redeeming qualities. “Brock Rumlow might be the worst of us,” Deadpool remarks while dodging bullets. He acknowledges that both he and Crossbones are professional mercenaries, but he makes it clear that they are worlds apart. Rumlow is a hired killer devoid of a conscience, a trait that earns him nothing but Deadpool’s disdain.

Deadpool’s ability to spot irredeemable villains is unparalleled, given his own history as a former despicable character. His instincts are usually spot-on, guiding him on whether to kill someone. In this case, his judgment of Crossbones is scathing, highlighting the villain’s utter lack of morality.

The conflict between Deadpool and Crossbones in the comics is intense, and it mirrors the potential for a similar clash in the MCU. Deadpool’s hatred for Crossbones is not just professional; it’s deeply personal. The “death” of Captain America at the hands of Crossbones is a wound that still festers, fueling Deadpool’s animosity.

Deadpool’s ongoing battle with Crossbones is a testament to his complex character. Despite his own flaws, Deadpool has a moral compass that guides him, and he despises those who lack one. Crossbones, with his ruthless and conscience-free approach, epitomizes everything Deadpool loathes.

The dynamic between Deadpool and Crossbones is a fascinating one, filled with tension and personal vendettas. As Deadpool continues to navigate his latest adventure, his conflict with Crossbones serves as a reminder of the thin line between hero and villain. Deadpool may be an anti-hero, but his disdain for Crossbones highlights his own sense of morality.

In the grand tapestry of the Marvel Universe, Deadpool’s call-out of Crossbones as “the worst of us” is a significant moment. It underscores the complexity of both characters and sets the stage for future confrontations. Whether in the comics or the MCU, the clash between Deadpool and Crossbones is one to watch, filled with action, drama, and a deep-seated grudge that promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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