Diddy’s Ex-Friends Bad Boy Artists Detail Alleged Abuse Violence

Diddy’s Ex-Friends Bad Boy Artists Detail Alleged Abuse Violence

In recent weeks, a series of allegations have surfaced against Sean “Diddy” Combs, painting a disturbing picture of the hip-hop mogul’s past. Former Bad Boy artists and associates have come forward with stories of alleged abuse and violence, further tarnishing Diddy’s reputation. These revelations have emerged in the wake of multiple lawsuits accusing Combs of sexual violence and other forms of mistreatment.

Mark Curry, a former Bad Boy rapper and author of the 2009 expose “Dancing With The Devil,” recently shared more of his experiences with Combs on the YouTube channel Art of Dialogue. Curry’s book, which accused Combs of exploitative business practices, went largely unnoticed at the time of its release. However, with the recent lawsuits against Combs, Curry has decided to reveal additional allegations that were not included in his book.

In a series of YouTube clips, Curry claims that Combs broke his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter’s nose during a fight on a yacht. He also alleges that Combs hit a producer with a chair after overhearing a conversation between the producer and Porter on a phone line that Combs had allegedly tapped. Curry further claims to have witnessed Combs spiking women’s drinks in clubs, a jarring accusation given that Curry continued to party with Combs after witnessing such behavior.

These allegations come on the heels of three lawsuits filed against Combs last month, accusing him of sexual violence and abuse. Cassie, Combs’ longtime girlfriend and a Bad Boy signee, alleged that Combs raped and assaulted her, and forced her to have sex with male sex workers. Another woman, identified as “Jane Doe,” claimed that Combs drugged, raped, and filmed her in 1991, later showing the tape to friends. A third lawsuit alleges that Combs and R&B artist Aaron Hall took turns raping a woman and her friend in the 1990s, and that Combs attacked her days later at her home.

Cassie’s lawsuit, which named Combs and his businesses as defendants, was settled within 24 hours. Combs’ lawyer released a statement asserting that the settlement did not undermine Combs’ denial of the claims. Despite the settlement, Combs has temporarily stepped down as chairman of his entertainment platform Revolt, and his ongoing lawsuit with liquor company Diageo further complicates his public image.

Former Bad Boy artist Mase has also spoken out against Combs, accusing him of nefarious business practices in a 2019 Instagram post. Mase claimed that Combs’ past business practices had “starved” the artists who helped him achieve success. Additionally, Combs’ ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton posted cryptic messages on Instagram following their son Justin’s DUI arrest, suggesting that there were long-standing issues with Combs’ behavior.

Gina Huynh, another ex-girlfriend, told gossip blogger Tasha K in 2019 that Combs physically abused her and that everyone around him was aware of the abuse. These claims, however, did not gain as much traction as the recent lawsuits, which were filed shortly before the expiration of the New York State Survivors Act, temporarily lifting the statute of limitations on civil suits involving sexual misconduct.

The allegations against Combs highlight the role of enablers in perpetuating abuse. Similar to the cases of R. Kelly and Afrika Bambaataa, where networks of enablers helped cover up their misconduct, people around Combs are now admitting to having known about his behavior. Cassie’s lawsuit mentioned that Combs’ former security guard, Roger Bonds, once intervened during an attack on her. Bonds later confirmed the claim in a since-deleted Instagram post, stating that he had intervened in other instances of violence as well.

Mark Curry’s book, “Dancing With The Devil,” portrays Combs as an exploitative businessman who allegedly left Curry so broke that he considered selling drugs to make ends meet. Curry’s recent revelations about Combs’ abusive behavior were not included in the book, possibly to avoid implicating himself in the misconduct.

Eugene “Big Gene” Deal, another former security guard, has been vocal about his negative experiences with Combs. Deal, who worked for Combs throughout the 1990s, has live-streamed multiple times a week on YouTube, recounting stories of Combs’ alleged assaults on the mothers of his children, Kim Porter and Misa Hylton. Despite his numerous accusations, Deal admits that he never witnessed Combs assault a woman directly but had heard about such incidents.

Former Bad Boy President Harve Pierre was also recently hit with a civil suit by a former Bad Boy artist, raising questions about the prevalence of misconduct at the label. Aubrey O’Day, a former member of the Bad Boy group Danity Kane, described her time at the label as “torture” in a 2022 podcast episode. She claimed that she was removed from the group for not complying with non-talent-related expectations and that there was no protection for artists at the time.

This week, a fourth lawsuit was filed by a Jane Doe, alleging that Combs, Pierre, and a third man trafficked and raped her at Combs’ New York recording studio in 2003 when she was 17 years old. Combs has denied all the allegations, stating that he will fight for his name, family, and the truth.

For over three decades, Diddy has cultivated an image of a fun-loving, larger-than-life personality. However, the recent allegations and lawsuits have cast a shadow over his legacy. The music industry, which once turned a blind eye to his alleged misconduct, is now grappling with the fallout. The revelations from former associates and employees, while damning, also highlight their complicity in enabling Combs’ behavior.

As more details emerge, it becomes clear that the women who have come forward with their stories are the true catalysts for change. Their bravery in sharing their trauma has brought to light the dark side of a man who once seemed untouchable. The enablers, while now speaking out, are not the heroes of this story. They are merely witnesses who chose to stay silent for too long.

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