Discord Marvel Studios Q&A with Alex Perez June 2024 Part 2

Discord Marvel Studios Q&A with Alex Perez June 2024 Part 2

Part two of Alex Perez’s answers to the June Discord Q&A are here, with part one already posted! Alex had a blast discussing the future of Marvel Studios productions. We hope you find his insights intriguing!

Kang’s future in Marvel Studios’ Multiverse Saga

JoeMarvel asked about Avengers 5 and whether Kang will remain the main villain. Alex mentioned that Marvel Studios is considering other multiversal villains before revisiting Kang. When Hifive326 inquired about multiple actors playing Kang’s variants, Alex said it’s possible but hasn’t heard anything concrete. Cymbioid questioned if Kang will be the main villain in the Multiverse Saga or if Marvel might shift to Doctor Doom. Alex believes Doom won’t be the main villain due to the limited time to develop his character properly. He suggested that Doom deserves more than just a couple of movies and hinted that Marvel might treat Doom similarly to Loki in the Infinity Saga.

Marvel Animated and The Spider-Verse

Wade asked if other 90s Marvel animated shows might get the X-Men ’97 treatment. Alex responded that while there are always ideas, it depends on Marvel’s approval. Currently, they seem focused on exploring the 90s timeline through the X-Men show to avoid oversaturation. Regarding an update on Beyond the Spider-Verse from Sony, Alex simply said, “When it’s ready.”

Titan wanted to know about What If…? season 3 and future seasons. Alex believes season 3 will arrive soon and hinted at the possibility of one more season, though he’s not entirely sure.

Midnight Sons/Suns

Kosta asked about the expected members of the Midnight Suns team. Alex listed Wong, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Blade, Werewolf by Night, and Man-Thing as the most likely members. Other potential members include Black Knight, Scarlet Scarab, Elsa Bloodstone, Dr. Strange, and Agatha Harkness. He estimated the team would have 6-9 members.

Xekshek inquired about potential directors for Midnight Sons. Alex’s personal picks include Fede Álvarez, Dan Trachtenberg, James Wan, and Sam Raimi. He also mentioned that Jordan Peele has had conversations with Marvel Studios, making him an interesting candidate.

Marvel reboots

Randy asked about the chances of Cloak and Dagger being reintroduced into the MCU. Alex hasn’t heard anything about their appearance. RedGyarados2010 asked about the Runaways, and Alex similarly hasn’t heard anything about their inclusion in the MCU.

Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness

Playan wanted to know how Agatha’s character will be handled moving forward. Alex suggested that Agatha might surprise fans by exploring a more unknown side of the MCU involving witches and magic. Bird Sister asked about the development stage of a solo Scarlet Witch movie. Alex said it’s still in the early conceptual stage. ReyD asked which project will happen sooner: Thor 5, Young Avengers, or a Scarlet Witch solo movie. Alex believes Young Avengers will come first. RedGyarados2010 asked if Wanda and Magneto will appear in Deadpool and Wolverine. Alex clarified that they are not in the movie, as far as he knows.

Shang-Chi 2

Lukeb4577 asked if Iron Fist might appear in Shang-Chi 2. Alex said it’s possible but hasn’t heard any ideas involving Iron Fist.

Spider-Man 4

JoeMarvel wanted to know when to expect an official announcement regarding Holland’s Spider-Man 4. Alex said it will be this year. Superiorspidey98 asked if the multiversal elements in Spider-Man 4 go beyond the symbiote and if Black Cat will appear. Alex doesn’t expect full-on multiversal characters and doubts Black Cat will be in the upcoming film, though she might appear in future films. Arn0_20 asked about the impact of Daredevil: Born Again’s aftermath on Spider-Man and his future foes. Alex said it will heavily affect vigilantes, especially Spider-Man. He hinted that Peter Parker’s past will be a significant challenge and that new villains will be introduced.


Azuredreamer asked if Thunderbolts will hint at the Weapon Plus program. Alex couldn’t comment on that but expects it to be introduced after the World War Race storyline. Liam | Kate Bishop Fan asked if any Thunderbolts will appear in Avengers 5. Alex had no comment. Xekshek inquired about more Yelena projects after Thunderbolts. Alex confirmed Florence Pugh will appear in more Marvel projects but couldn’t specify if they will be standalone.


Hifive326 asked if the new X-Men movie will be pre or post-Secret Wars. Alex said it’s too early to tell but expects the MCU iteration of the X-Men to be introduced post-Secret Wars, with an explanation in Deadpool and Wolverine. Ecko asked about the first live-action MCU X-Men team composition. Alex had no information. Joshua asked about potential solo projects for mutants beyond the X-Men reboot film. Alex said it’s too early to tell. Playan asked if we should expect something MCU X-Men related before the end of this saga. Alex said they’re starting early for the next saga but that doesn’t mean the X-Men won’t show up until after Secret Wars.

Young Avengers

Mont (Young Avengers Historian) asked when we might see Wiccan and Hulkling together. Alex said it’s still a long way to go but expects them to meet in the upcoming Young Avengers movie. Liam | Kate Bishop Fan asked about the Children’s Crusade project. Alex couldn’t comment on the Young Avengers project yet.

Miscellaneous questions for Alex

Ecko asked about upcoming Star Wars projects. Alex mentioned tidbits about ideas for Ahsoka season 2. RobbyB3ll4s asked about Alex’s favorite character in Smash Bros and favorite sitcoms. Alex’s favorite Smash character is Lucario, and his favorite sitcoms are I Love Lucy and Golden Girls. Peacemaker asked if Doctor Who will crossover with Marvel properties and about Hyperion’s appearance. Alex said no to the crossover and had no word on Hyperion. 616captainmarvel asked about a solo movie for an Asian female protagonist and an all-female movie in the MCU. Alex had no information on either. Randy asked about Inhumans making an appearance in upcoming projects. Alex had no word on that.

That’s it for now! You can read some of Alex Perez’s past articles and reports and discuss with others in the Discord.

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