Eminem “Houdini” First Week Numbers and Chart Positions

Eminem “Houdini” First Week Numbers and Chart Positions

Eminem’s latest single, “Houdini,” has taken the music world by storm, delivering record-breaking numbers and marking one of the most successful debut weeks in his career. The song’s performance across various platforms is nothing short of impressive, showcasing Eminem’s enduring appeal and dominance in the music industry.

Eight days post-release, “Houdini” continues to perform exceptionally well on streaming platforms. In the United States, the track has secured top positions on several charts:
– iTunes: No.1
– YouTube: No.1
– Amazon: No.2
– Spotify: No.4
– Apple Music: No.4
– Shazam: No.10

On Shazam, “Houdini” was searched 245,000 times in a week, setting a new record for any Eminem song. The song’s presence on Spotify is particularly noteworthy. “Houdini” shattered Eminem’s personal streaming record on its first day and has maintained strong numbers since. The latest data shows the track achieving 9 million daily streams, a new personal best for the rapper. The daily streaming numbers are as follows:
– 1st day: 7.9 million
– 2nd day: 7.2 million
– 3rd day: 6.8 million
– 4th day: 8.5 million
– 5th day: 8.7 million
– 6th day: 8.8 million
– 7th day: 8.9 million
– 8th day: 9.1 million

In just eight days, “Houdini” has amassed a total of 66.1 million streams, combining both explicit and clean versions. This surge in streams has positively impacted Eminem’s overall ranking as an artist. He remains in the Top 5 of the most streamed artists on Spotify globally and in the Top 10 in several countries, including:
– US: No.10
– UK: No.3
– Australia: No.3
– Canada: No.6
– Germany: No.7

Eminem has also reached a new career peak of 75.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify, surpassing notable artists like Justin Bieber and David Guetta. On YouTube, “Houdini” holds the title of the fastest-viewed rap song of 2024. The music video has garnered over 56 million views and 3 million likes in just eight days, making it Eminem’s second fastest video to reach 50 million views, following “Godzilla.”

The chart success of “Houdini” is evident. The single has topped charts in Australia, Iceland, and the UK. In the UK, “Houdini” debuted at No.1 on the Official Chart with 104,800 units moved in the first week, including 13.3 million streams. This marks the best-selling week for a single in the UK in a year and the biggest opening week of Eminem’s career since “Without Me” in 2002. “Houdini” is Eminem’s first solo No.1 single in the UK in 19 years, the last being “Like Toy Soldiers” in 2005.

In Canada, “Houdini” is also set to debut at No.1. In the US, the single is challenging for the top spot, currently holding the No.2 position. In New Zealand, “Houdini” has secured the No.2 spot, with the top position held by Tommy Richman.

On TikTok, “Houdini” has also made a significant impact, landing at No.10 on the Viral 50 Music Chart and generating over 114,000 video posts in its first week.

The song’s success on iTunes is equally impressive. “Houdini” has topped the Worldwide and European iTunes song charts and reached No.1 in multiple countries, including the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Romania, and Denmark. The song has achieved the iTunes No.1 position in over 17 countries.

On Apple Music, “Houdini” has performed well on the Top Songs Chart:
– No.1 in the UK
– No.3 in Canada
– No.4 in the US

On Spotify, “Houdini” debuted at No.3 on the Global Spotify Charts with 7.85 million streams and at No.4 on the US Charts with over 2.97 million streams, making it one of the biggest debuts of the year. The song’s performance by country on Spotify includes:
– No.2 in the UK: 813,484 streams
– No.2 in Canada: 594,372 streams
– No.4 in the US: 2,972,878 streams
– No.6 in Germany: 502,782 streams

The “Houdini” music video has also achieved remarkable success, earning over 13.5 million views on YouTube in its first 24 hours and becoming the most viewed video worldwide in that period. The video has also amassed over 1.3 million likes.

Eminem’s lead single “Houdini” from his upcoming 12th studio album, “The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce),” is off to an extraordinary start. The numbers speak for themselves, and it’s clear that Eminem’s return is stronger than ever.

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