EPICA’s SIMONE SIMONS Releases Music Video for Solo Single ‘In Love We Rust’

EPICA’s SIMONE SIMONS Releases Music Video for Solo Single ‘In Love We Rust’

EPICA’s SIMONE SIMONS Releases Music Video for Solo Single ‘In Love We Rust’

Simone Simons, the iconic lead singer of EPICA, has unveiled the official music video for her second solo single, “In Love We Rust.” This track is part of her debut solo album, “Vermillion,” which is set to be released on August 23 through Nuclear Blast Records.

Simone, who has been a trailblazer in the metal scene for over two decades, collaborated with her longtime musical partner Arjen Lucassen (AYREON) on “Vermillion.” Arjen, well-acquainted with Simone’s powerful operatic voice, has helped create a sonic landscape that complements her influential status. “Vermillion” promises to be a monumental and emotionally stirring album.

Regarding “In Love We Rust,” Simone and Arjen shared, “The video was filmed in just one take to keep it as pure and raw as possible. We chose to keep it in black and white to avoid any distractions from the song or the performance. ‘In Love We Rust’ is quite different from our first single ‘Aeterna,’ showcasing the album’s diversity. This is one of our favorite songs, and we hope you love it as much as we do.”

For over 20 years, Simone has been a leading figure in the world of metal, inspiring a generation of female metalheads. As the frontwoman of EPICA, she has released eight albums and toured globally. Now, after 15 years, she has finally found the time to release her first solo album. “Vermillion” is a testament to her storied career and showcases her wide range of influences, from prog rock to film scores, metal, and electronic elements.

Simone expressed her excitement about her solo project, saying, “EPICA has always been my priority, but I have the freedom to explore other musical projects. I never had the time to dive into a project to this extent until now.” She chose to take her time with her solo endeavor, ensuring it reflected her true artistic vision.

When “Aeterna,” the first single from “Vermillion,” was released, Simone and Arjen described it as the album’s epic opener. The track blends powerful Latin lyrics with an oriental touch, striking a balance between bombastic sounds and atmospheric parts. “Aeterna” explores themes of interconnectedness in the universe, reflecting on our place in the cosmos and the connections that bind us together.

The track listing for “Vermillion” includes:

  • Aeterna
  • In Love We Rust
  • Cradle To The Grave (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
  • Fight Or Flight
  • Weight Of My World
  • Vermillion Dreams
  • The Core
  • Dystopia
  • R.E.D.
  • Dark Night Of The Soul

Simone’s journey with EPICA has been remarkable. The band, formed by guitarist/vocalist Mark Jansen in 2002, quickly gained international attention. Their debut album, “The Phantom Agony,” and subsequent releases like “Consign To Oblivion,” “The Divine Conspiracy,” and “Design Your Universe” solidified their status as a leading symphonic metal band. Their latest album, “Omega,” completed a metaphysical trilogy and achieved significant success.

In addition to her solo work, Simone continues to focus on EPICA. The band is working on their follow-up to the 2021 album “Omega,” expected to be released in 2025. Simone shared her enthusiasm for the new material, stating, “I love the songs we’ve written so far. There’s more than enough for the album, and it’s going to be cool.”

EPICA’s recent projects include “The Alchemy Project,” an EP released in November 2022, featuring collaborations with various artists. The band also celebrated their 20th anniversary with a special live performance in Tilburg, Netherlands, where they played their first show in 2002.

Simone Simons’ debut solo album, “Vermillion,” is a highly anticipated release that showcases her incredible talent and diverse musical influences. Fans can look forward to experiencing her unique artistic vision when the album drops on August 23.

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