First Inside Out 2 Reactions Call Pixar Sequel a Masterpiece

First Inside Out 2 Reactions Call Pixar Sequel a Masterpiece

The first reactions to Pixar’s highly anticipated sequel, Inside Out 2, have started to pour in, and the consensus is overwhelmingly positive. Critics and early viewers are hailing the film as a masterpiece, with many calling it one of Pixar’s most powerful works to date. The sequel to the 2015 hit Inside Out, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, has been eagerly awaited, and it seems to have met, if not exceeded, expectations.

Inside Out 2 revisits the mind of Riley, now a teenager, as her emotional headquarters undergoes a significant transformation. The familiar emotions—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust—are joined by new ones, including Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke. The film explores how these new emotions integrate into Riley’s life, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

The initial reactions have been nothing short of glowing. Daniel Baptista from The Movie Podcast described the film as “ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL” and “one of the most POWERFUL @Pixar films ever made.” He praised Maya Hawke’s performance as Anxiety, calling it unforgettable and a must-watch for all ages.

Another critic, zgub, highlighted the film’s cleverness and the strong relationship between Riley and her emotions. He noted that Inside Out 2 is a “return to form for Pixar,” showcasing a new range of creativity and smart combinations.

Ian Sandwell also shared his thoughts, reassuring fans that there’s no need to be anxious about the sequel. He mentioned that while the film might not have a moment as emotionally impactful as the original’s “take her to the moon” scene, it still delivers a relatable and winning message.

Shahbaz from The Movie Podcast went as far as to call Inside Out 2 a “MASTERPIECE,” describing it as a joyful wonder from beginning to end. He praised the performances of Maya Hawke and Amy Poehler, as well as the contributions of the new characters, which add even more brilliance to the film.

Peter Howell expressed his preference for the new emotions—Embarrassment, Anxiety, Envy, and Ennui—over the original five. He found them to be more creative and engaging, adding a fresh dynamic to the story.

Jazz Tangcay echoed these sentiments, calling Inside Out 2 “animated perfection.” She praised everything from the animation to the story and the introduction of new emotions, making it one of the best sequels in recent memory. She also mentioned the film’s great laughs, plenty of Easter eggs, and a lot of emotion.

The Hollywood Handle described the film as magical, emotional, and visually stunning. They noted that the sequel managed to reach the high levels of its predecessor, with the new characters adding the perfect touch. Maya Hawke’s performance was highlighted as a massive standout.

The first Inside Out remains one of Pixar’s most beloved films, and it appears that Inside Out 2 will be able to stand proudly alongside it. The sequel has been praised for its emotional maturity, cleverness, and the way it tackles complex ideas surrounding emotions, growing up, and anxiety.

One early viewer summed up their experience by saying, “I saw INSIDE OUT 2! It’s full of laughs, tears & cheers. #InsideOut2 is the rare film that truly resonates across all ages; laugh out loud funny & tear-inducingly sweet. Watch it with a loved one because it’s an experience that must be shared.”

While some had been nervous about how Inside Out 2 would fare against the acclaimed first movie, it sounds like there’s nothing to worry about. The film has been called a masterpiece, a joyful wonder, and a touching Pixar classic that will have audiences experiencing all the sweet emotions.

As Inside Out 2 prepares to hit theaters, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. With such glowing early reactions, it seems that Pixar has once again delivered a film that will resonate with audiences of all ages, offering a beautifully crafted and emotionally rich experience.

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