Hamas Attack Survivor Pays Tribute to Israeli Hostages at Cannes

Hamas Attack Survivor Pays Tribute to Israeli Hostages at Cannes

Laura Blajman-Kadar, a survivor of the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7th, made a statement on the Cannes red carpet by wearing a dress paying tribute to the Israeli hostages still held in Gaza. She appeared wearing a coat which she then removed on the staircase to reveal a yellow dress featuring portraits of Israeli hostages and a black band with the message “Bring them home”.

The choice of yellow for her dress symbolizes solidarity with the Israeli captives in Gaza, as well as the survivors of massacres and grieving families. Blajman-Kadar herself survived the Hamas attacks during the Tribe of Nova electronic music festival, located in southern Israel near the Gaza strip. She has since written a book about her experience titled “Croire en la vie” or “Believing in Life”, which was published in March.

The conflict escalated following an unprecedented attack by Hamas in southern Israel on October 7th, resulting in approximately 1,170 fatalities, most of whom were civilians. More than 250 people were abducted in this assault, and according to the Israeli army, 128 hostages remain captive in Gaza, with 36 reported dead.

In retaliation, Israel launched a military campaign that has devastated the Gaza Strip, with the Hamas health ministry reporting over 35,233 deaths, mainly civilians. U.S. President Joe Biden indicated that a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas could be possible “tomorrow” if the militant group released its hostages. “There would be a ceasefire tomorrow if Hamas released the hostages,” Biden declared during a fundraising event near Seattle, emphasizing that the ceasefire could commence immediately if Hamas agreed.

Biden raised the issue after a warning to Israel on Wednesday about stopping the supply of artillery shells and other weapons if its forces attacked the city of Rafah in southern Gaza, expressing concern over civilian casualties from the use of U.S.-supplied bombs.

“If they go to Rafah, I won’t supply the weapons that have been used… to deal with the cities,” Biden stated in a televised interview with CNN, highlighting a stringent stance on weapon supply.

Despite multiple rounds of indirect negotiations, Hamas and Israel have yet to reach a ceasefire agreement.

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