Heartbreaking doorbell footage captures family’s joy before returning with ashes

Heartbreaking doorbell footage captures family’s joy before returning with ashes

Poignant doorbell camera footage captured the heart-wrenching journey of a family from joy to sorrow. The video, shared by a couple named Jessie and Nate, 32, on TikTok, shows their excitement as they prepared for the arrival of their new baby, only to return home with an urn of ashes after his stillbirth.

The couple, from Naples, Florida, had asked Jessie’s sister and brother-in-law to be godparents to their unborn son, Matthew. The doorbell footage shows the brother-in-law enthusiastically pointing at a “Good vibes” doormat, saying, “Good vibes surely were inside.” The family was filled with anticipation and joy as they headed to the hospital just before Christmas.

Tragically, their long-awaited son was stillborn on December 25. The same doorbell camera later captured the grief-stricken family bringing Matthew’s ashes home in an urn after his cremation. The contrast between the two clips is stark, with the once-elated couple now carrying the remains of their baby boy back into their home.

Despite the immense tragedy, Jessie finds solace in the footage of their loved ones’ excitement at being asked to be Matthew’s godparents. She shared the clips on her TikTok page, captioning the post, “Thank you Ring. We look at this footage often. We are so thankful to have these moments captured. I hope one day to capture some happy moments too.”

In an interview with Newsweek, Jessie recounted the devastating experience. Her water broke on Christmas Eve, and what should have been the happiest day of her life turned into a nightmare. Hospital staff were unable to find a heartbeat for her baby, and an ultrasound confirmed that he had died. Jessie described the moment as their world shattering as they grappled with the unimaginable loss while she continued to labor.

Matthew was born on Christmas morning, and Nate described him as perfect in every physical sense, with ten fingers, ten toes, and a head full of thick, curly brown hair. Despite his perfection, he did not draw breath. The couple spent the day cherishing their time with their baby, surrounded by family members who sang to him, held him, and kissed his tiny fingers and forehead.

Jessie recalled the most difficult moment as watching their nurse cover Matthew’s bassinet with a white sheet and wheel him away. The footage they shared on TikTok has since been viewed over 4 million times. Viewers noticed that in the second clip, the “Good vibes” doormat had been removed. Jessie explained that it was the first thing she asked her husband to throw away when they returned home.

The couple’s closest friends and family rallied around them after they returned home. They held a touching memorial service attended by nearly 300 people, and Matthew’s godparents were tasked with driving him home in his sweet little urn after the service. Following the tragic passing of their baby boy, Jessie and Nate created Matty’s Corner, an in-person stillbirth support group. Nate explained that the group helps provide solace for parents who have experienced the profound loss of a child.

The heartbreaking doorbell footage serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the deep emotional impact of losing a child. Jessie and Nate’s decision to share their story has resonated with many, offering a glimpse into their grief and the support they have received from their community.

Source: Newsweek

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