Howard University revokes Sean Combs honorary degree and terminates  million gift and pledge agreement

Howard University revokes Sean Combs honorary degree and terminates $2 million gift and pledge agreement

Howard University’s Board of Trustees has made a significant decision to revoke the honorary degree awarded to Sean “Diddy” Combs in 2014. The board unanimously agreed that Combs is “no longer worthy to hold the institution’s highest honor.” This decision comes in the wake of a series of controversies and allegations surrounding the music mogul.

In addition to revoking the honorary degree, Howard University will return a $1 million contribution from Combs and terminate a $1 million pledge agreement from the Sean Combs Foundation. The board’s statement emphasized that Combs’ recent behavior, as seen in a newly released video, is fundamentally incompatible with the university’s core values and beliefs.

The video in question, published by CNN, shows Combs physically assaulting his former girlfriend, singer Cassie Ventura, at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles, back in 2016. This footage has sparked widespread outrage and has led to the university’s decision to disband its scholarship program named after Combs.

Howard University, a historically Black college based in Washington, DC, has reiterated its strong stance against all forms of interpersonal violence. The board linked to the school’s “Interpersonal Violence Prevention” webpage in their statement, underscoring their commitment to this cause.

The announcement from Howard University comes amid ongoing legal battles and controversies involving Combs. Since November, Combs has been named in eight lawsuits, including a now-settled claim by Ventura, who accused him of years of abuse and rape in 2018. These allegations have cast a long shadow over Combs’ once-celebrated career.

Subsequent lawsuits have accused Combs of various forms of sexual misconduct and other illegal activities. While Combs has not responded to all the allegations, he has denied many of the claims made in the civil suits.

Adding to the legal troubles, the US Department of Homeland Security’s investigative arm has launched a federal probe into Combs, focusing on allegations of sex trafficking. As part of this investigation, federal agents searched Combs’ homes in Los Angeles and Miami on March 25. So far, no federal criminal charges have been filed against him.

The surveillance video published by CNN could potentially serve as evidence in the ongoing federal investigation. Investigators are reportedly preparing to bring Combs’ accusers before a federal grand jury in New York. Additionally, allegations of money laundering and illegal drug activities are also under federal scrutiny.

In a related development, Combs recently sold a majority stake in Revolt, a media company and television network he founded in 2013. This move has raised questions about his future in the media and entertainment industry.

The decision by Howard University to revoke Combs’ honorary degree and return his financial contributions marks a significant shift in their relationship with the artist. Combs had attended Howard University from fall 1987 to spring 1989, and his contributions had funded a scholarship program in his name.

The university’s actions reflect a broader societal reckoning with issues of interpersonal violence and misconduct, particularly among high-profile individuals. As more information becomes available, this story will continue to evolve, shedding light on the complex and troubling allegations against Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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