Independence Day celebration turns deadly as man goes on stabbing spree in California

Independence Day celebration turns deadly as man goes on stabbing spree in California

Two people were killed and three others were injured after a man went on a stabbing spree during an Independence Day celebration in Huntington Beach, California. The incident occurred around 11 PM on July 4th near 16th Street and Pecan Avenue, where a large group of family members and neighbors had gathered to watch fireworks.

Deandre Adams, a witness, recounted to the Los Angeles Times that a woman drove up to the group in a car, and a male passenger exited the vehicle and began stabbing people on the sidewalk. Two men from the gathering quickly intervened, tackling the attacker and holding him down until police arrived.

Upon arrival, Huntington Beach Police found several victims with significant injuries. First responders from the Huntington Beach Fire Department reported that five people had been stabbed, although details about the weapon used were not disclosed. Tragically, two of the victims died at the scene, while three others were transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The identities of the victims have not been released at this time.

Adams, who was friends with one of the deceased victims, shared that the man was engaged and set to be married in September. According to Adams, police took three individuals into custody: the woman driving the car, the man who carried out the stabbings, and a third man who may have been a passenger in the car. None of the suspects have been identified yet, and Adams mentioned that the woman driving the car appeared shocked by the events.

Currently, only one of the three arrested individuals remains in custody. Police have not clarified whether this person is a suspect or if they are being charged with any crimes. Investigators are still working to determine if there was any connection between the suspect and the victims.

Jennifer Carey, a spokesperson for the city, told ABC7, “As to the nature of how this happened, the events leading up to it, what transpired during, that’s all part of the investigation and we hope to have more details further on.” She also assured the public that there was no remaining threat following the suspect’s arrest.

The tragic incident has left the community in shock, as what was supposed to be a joyous celebration turned into a night of horror. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward to help piece together the events that led to this senseless act of violence.

Source: Los Angeles Times, ABC7

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