Jake Gyllenhaal Thought Working With Peter Sarsgaard Was a Long Shot

Jake Gyllenhaal Thought Working With Peter Sarsgaard Was a Long Shot

Jake Gyllenhaal recently shared his thoughts on working with his brother-in-law, Peter Sarsgaard, in the new AppleTV+ series, Presumed Innocent. Speaking at the world premiere of the series at the Tribeca Film Festival, Gyllenhaal revealed that casting Sarsgaard was initially seen as a long shot, despite their family connection. Gyllenhaal, who stars in and serves as an executive producer for the series, alongside J.J. Abrams and David E. Kelly, expressed his excitement about the collaboration.

Gyllenhaal, 43, joked that even though he had an “in” with Sarsgaard, 53, who has been married to his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal since 2009, the producers still considered him a long shot for the role. The series, set to premiere on June 12, is adapted from Scott Turow’s 1986 novel and follows Gyllenhaal’s character, deputy prosecutor Rusty Sabich, who is accused of murder. Sarsgaard plays Tommy Molto, another deputy prosecutor who faces off against Sabich in court.

Gyllenhaal described working with Sarsgaard as both fun and cathartic, despite the antagonistic nature of their characters’ relationship. He noted that actors often enjoy dramatic scenes, and this project allowed them to bring their personal history and mutual respect into their performances. Sarsgaard echoed these sentiments, praising Gyllenhaal’s intentionality and integrity in his work.

Sarsgaard also shared what drew him to the role, mentioning that the pilot episode, presented by David Kelley and J.J. Abrams, left him eager to know what happened next. Gyllenhaal added that the series’ first episode set up numerous intriguing questions, making it a compelling project for him to both produce and star in.

Presumed Innocent marks Gyllenhaal’s first major foray into television, and he expressed his fascination with the moral complexities and dramatic twists his character faces. The series promises to deliver a gripping narrative, with Gyllenhaal and Sarsgaard’s performances at its core.

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