Jeezy Addresses Ex-Wife’s Gun Allegations in JT’s ‘Okay’ Remix

Jeezy Addresses Ex-Wife’s Gun Allegations in JT’s ‘Okay’ Remix

Jeezy addressed his ex-wife Jeannie Mai’s gun allegations in JT’s “Okay (Remix)” and its accompanying music video, which dropped on June 28. The Atlanta rapper used his verse to respond to claims made by Mai during their contentious divorce battle, where she accused him of endangering their young daughter by keeping various guns in their shared home.

In his verse, Jeezy provided a rationale for why he always has firearms in his house. “Why you got choppas in the house? ‘Cause I’m a n**ga still/A b**ch’ll never catch me slippin’/Yeah, a banana peel,” he rapped. Jeezy also took the opportunity to announce his relationship status, declaring, “Summer ’24, I’m single as a dollar bill,” signaling that he is single and ready to move on.

During their divorce proceedings, Jeannie Mai accused Jeezy of being irresponsible with his firearms, claiming that he frequently walked around their home carrying an AK-47. She also alleged that Jeezy left firearms and bullets in unsecured locations throughout the house, such as kitchen counters and dining room tables, posing a potential choking hazard for their daughter, Monaco.

Court documents obtained by XXL on June 12 revealed that a Georgia judge had signed the final judgment and decree of divorce between Jeezy and Jeannie Mai, officially ending their three-year marriage. The couple reportedly reached an agreed-upon settlement regarding child support and a permanent parenting plan for their daughter, although the specific details of the settlement remain confidential.

Jeezy’s verse on JT’s “Okay (Remix)” has sparked reactions from fans, with many praising his return to the music scene. Some fans commented that the remix brought back memories of Jeezy’s earlier work, while others expressed excitement over his lyrical response to the allegations made by Mai.

Jeezy’s response to the gun allegations was clear in his lyrics, “Why you got choppas in the house? ‘Cause I’m a n**ga still,” standing firm against Mai’s claims. He also addressed the end of their relationship with the line, “Ever lost a real one? You dropped the ball, baby,” making it evident that he is unbothered and ready to move forward.

As of now, Jeannie Mai has not publicly responded to Jeezy’s verse on the remix. The ex-couple’s divorce has been a topic of public interest, with fans and social media users speculating about the implications of Jeezy’s lyrics.

The remix has generated significant buzz, with many listeners appreciating Jeezy’s contribution to the track. Fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts, with some noting that Jeezy’s verse gave them nostalgic vibes reminiscent of his earlier music.

Jeezy’s feature on JT’s “Okay (Remix)” has also led to discussions about his future in the music industry. Many fans are eagerly anticipating what the rapper will deliver next, given the strong reception to his latest verse.

Overall, Jeezy’s response to Jeannie Mai’s gun allegations in JT’s “Okay (Remix)” has captured the attention of fans and the media alike. The rapper’s candid lyrics and confident demeanor have resonated with listeners, further solidifying his place in the hip-hop scene.


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