Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie XO Addresses Fans’ Opinions on Their Surrogacy Plans

Jelly Roll’s Wife Bunnie XO Addresses Fans’ Opinions on Their Surrogacy Plans

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO are embarking on a new chapter in their lives as they plan to expand their family through surrogacy. The couple, who have been open about their journey, recently shared their plans on the season finale of Bunnie’s Dumb Blonde podcast. Bunnie, whose real name is Alyssa DeFord, is already a loving stepmother to Jelly Roll’s two children from previous relationships: Bailee Ann, 15, and Noah Buddy, 7.

Bunnie revealed that they chose IVF because she has experienced multiple pregnancy losses and would have trouble carrying a baby. “I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in my life. And the only thing that’s left is to raise a baby and garden,” she said. “I’m in my baby mama gardening era.”

When Bunnie asked Jelly Roll, the “Need a Favor” singer, about his thoughts on having a child together, he responded with enthusiasm. “I would love to have a baby with you,” he said. Bunnie was initially surprised by his response but noted that he is genuinely excited about the idea and supportive of surrogacy.

The couple initially planned to keep their IVF journey private, intending to share the news only after their baby arrived. “We were going to keep it from the Internet, because how the Internet is, they love to ruin beautiful things,” Bunnie explained. However, Jelly Roll accidentally let the news slip during an appearance on the Bussin’ With the Boys podcast last month.

Although Bunnie was disappointed at first, her perspective changed after hearing her husband’s excitement. “I thought about it and I was like, ‘My husband is [expletive] excited to have a kid with me. How cool is that? If he wants to [expletive] scream it from the mountain tops, let him,'” she said. She added that the public response to the news has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people offering their support and encouragement.

“Anyone who has struggled with infertility, all you really want is people rooting you on,” Bunnie said. After Jelly Roll’s slip-up, Bunnie shared a clip of the interview on Instagram with the caption: “God willing–Baby DeFord 2026.” She added, “Papa Bear dropped a surprise on this pod today. We had planned on doing this privately, but decided our IVF journey needed to be shared because we’ve always been so open. And w/ all odds stacked against us, it’s already been hard and we have only just begun. We have been meeting with IVF doctors & exploring all our options to add to our family.”

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO’s love story began in 2015 when they met at one of his gigs at Country Saloon in Las Vegas. Bunnie was in an abusive relationship at the time, but she soon split from her partner after meeting Jelly Roll. The two were reacquainted by mutual friends, and their friendship quickly turned romantic.

After a year of dating, Jelly Roll proposed to Bunnie on stage in Vegas. The couple didn’t waste any time and had an impromptu wedding that evening, tying the knot in a courthouse ceremony on August 31, 2016. They renewed their vows in 2023, solidifying their commitment to each other.

As they embark on their IVF journey, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO are hopeful and excited about the possibility of expanding their family. Their openness about their struggles and plans has garnered them a lot of support from fans and well-wishers, who are rooting for their success.

Source: HELLO! Magazine

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