Jennifer Lopez encouraged to choose quality projects to rebuild reputation

Jennifer Lopez encouraged to choose quality projects to rebuild reputation

Jennifer Lopez is being advised to focus on high-quality projects to restore her reputation after recent setbacks in her career. The singer and actress recently canceled her “This Is Me… Live” tour, citing a need to prioritize family time amid rumors of marital issues with Ben Affleck. This decision came after her ninth studio album, “This Is Me… Now,” and its accompanying film failed to impress fans.

Public relations expert Eric Schiffer has weighed in on the situation, suggesting that Lopez should invest more time in meaningful philanthropic activities. Schiffer told The Mirror that the cancellation of her tour has fueled criticism and damaged her brand. He emphasized that to regain public favor, Lopez needs to be selective about her projects, ensuring they are authentic and of high quality.

Schiffer also recommended that Lopez engage more with younger audiences, particularly Gen Z, through social media content that resonates with them. He believes that these strategic moves could help Lopez rebuild her brand and make it more relevant than ever.

The advice comes at a crucial time for Lopez, who has faced a series of professional challenges. Her recent album and film did not meet expectations, and the tour cancellation has only added to the scrutiny. By focusing on quality projects and meaningful causes, Lopez has the potential to turn things around and restore her standing in the entertainment industry.