Jennifer Lopez tried to ‘slow down’ ‘be home more’ during Ben Affleck marriage

Jennifer Lopez tried to ‘slow down’ ‘be home more’ during Ben Affleck marriage

Jennifer Lopez has recently opened up about her efforts to slow down and be more present at home during her marriage to Ben Affleck. The actress and singer revealed to AP News that she has intentionally reduced her workload over the past few years to focus on her personal life and well-being.

Lopez, known for her relentless work ethic, shared that she has been more selective about the projects she takes on, choosing only those that truly excite or inspire her. This shift in priorities marks a significant change from her previous approach, where she would take on multiple commitments simultaneously.

In a candid interview on the red carpet, Lopez, 54, explained, “That’s what I used to do a lot of. This, this, this, this.” She emphasized that despite appearances, she has been operating at half the pace she used to, a stark contrast to her earlier, more frenetic schedule.

Her “Atlas” co-star, Sterling K. Brown, expressed disbelief at her claim, calling her a “hustler” and acknowledging her impressive work ethic. However, Lopez insisted that she has indeed slowed down, focusing more on being at home and less on constantly working.

This change in pace coincides with her rekindled relationship with Ben Affleck, 51. The couple, who were initially together from 2002 to 2004, reunited in 2021 and got engaged the following year. They tied the knot in a Las Vegas ceremony in July 2022, followed by a second wedding in Georgia the next month.

Despite their efforts to make their relationship work, rumors of a split have been circulating. Social media users have pointed out the fundamental differences between Lopez and Affleck, with one fan noting their “very different personalities.” While Lopez is known for her constant activity, Affleck has been focusing on his work and children.

Affleck has been seen without his wedding ring in recent outings and missed both of Lopez’s “Atlas” premieres, further fueling speculation about their relationship status. A source told Page Six that Affleck has come to realize that their marriage might not be sustainable, describing it as a “fever dream.”

The couple has been living separately, with Affleck reportedly house-hunting in Los Angeles. Despite these challenges, they have been seen together supporting their children, suggesting that they are trying to navigate their relationship while prioritizing their family.

Lopez’s decision to slow down and be more present at home reflects a significant shift in her approach to life and work. As she continues to navigate her relationship with Affleck, it remains to be seen how these changes will impact her career and personal life.