Jessica Alba’s Daughters Rewear Mom’s Decade-Old Dresses: ‘Throwing It Back’

Jessica Alba’s Daughters Rewear Mom’s Decade-Old Dresses: ‘Throwing It Back’

Jessica Alba’s daughters are following in their mom’s fashion footsteps.

Earlier this month, the actress, 43, stepped out in Los Angeles with daughter Honor, 16, and Haven, 12, for a screening of her new Netflix film Trigger Warning. On Friday, June 28, Alba looked back at the fun night with a sweet post on Instagram, revealing that her girls borrowed some of her archived pieces for the big event.

“Throwing it back all the way to ‘07 and ‘10 in the sweetest way ever 🥹,” Alba began her post, sharing a photo of the trio on the red carpet. “For the screening of Trigger Warning, Honor wore my @prada dress from the 2007 premier of Valentine’s Day in London 💙 & Havie wore my @dolcegabbana dress from Comicon for Good Luck Chuck in 2010 🖤.”

“I loooove seeing my girls wear some of my archived pieces and adding their own touch 🫶🏽 #FashionFriday,” she concluded her caption.

Alba also included two side-by-side photos, each showing her wearing the dress placed next to her daughter wearing the dress years later.

When recently chatting with PEOPLE for the My Life in Pictures series, the actress admitted that realizing her daughter Honor grew taller than her was “a tough pill to swallow.” As she looked at a photo of the mother-daughter duo standing back-to-back, she explained how the emotional rollercoaster began.

“Okay, so it was during Covid and our friends were over, and it was kind of like they were about to have a baby, and he was like, ‘Honor’s taller than you’ and I was like ‘No she’s not!’” the mom of three recalled. “He was like, ‘Yes she is… Stand back-to-back,’ and he took this photo and I just started crying.”

“I remember being like, ‘Oh my God, you’re taller than me,’” she recalled as she imitated herself crying. “Look, I’m getting teary just thinking of it.”

The Fantastic Four actress said the reason for her tears came from watching her “baby” grow up so quickly before her eyes. “It was so horrible,” she said, “because it’s like this is my baby how is she taller than me? That was a tough pill to swallow.”

“You don’t really understand time until you watch a little person go from being just a blob who can’t talk or do anything useful except for just look cute, and then they grow up to be people with opinions,” she added. “And they tell you, ‘Oh no Mom, you cannot plan my 16th birthday.’ What do you mean? I birthed you, this is my birthday too!” Alba joked.

In addition to Honor and Haven, Alba is also mom to son Hayes, 6, whom she shares with her husband Cash Warren.

Jessica Alba is stepping down from her role at the company she founded, The Honest Company. The star of films like Fantastic Four and Sin City founded the personal care and baby products company in 2012 and was the Chief Creative Officer. In a statement, the company said Alba would now “shift her creative energy to new endeavors” while remaining on the board of directors.

“When I created The Honest Company, I set out to change the consumer product industry and I can proudly say, we did just that,” Alba said in a statement. “Honest has been a true labor of love for me – one that showed me what’s possible when you infuse purpose into business. While there never would have been an easy time to make this decision, I know we have a leadership team in place to advance my founding vision and protect Honest’s reputation as an industry changemaker.”

She continued, “As I transition, I look forward to contributing to the company’s success in my role on the board of directors as I redirect my focus on new projects and passions.”

The company began trading on the Nasdaq in 2021, and as Alba announced her exit, CEO Carla Vernón called her a “true visionary.”

“I offer our deep appreciation on behalf of the management team, our board of directors and generations of Honest employees for Jessica’s leadership through the years,” Vernón said. “I am pleased Jessica will remain an advisor in her role as a member of our board of directors. And, as she shifts her focus to exciting new ventures, we will be cheering her on.”

The actress posted two new family snapshots to mark the holiday on Sunday. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren pose with their kids Honor, Haven, and Hayes. Jessica Alba is spending some quality time with her family this Easter.

To mark the spring holiday on Sunday, the actress, 42, shared new photos on Instagram of herself and husband Cash Warren posing with their three children — 6-year-old son Hayes and daughters Haven Garner, 12, and Honor Marie, 15.

In the first photo, the family of five smiled and posed with their arms around each other as they stood outside. In the second shot, Warren and Honor hammed it up a bit, with the teen flashing a peace sign and her father holding his arms out to the sides.

Alba and her eldest child showed off their similar fashion tastes in the photos, as they both wore outfits with bandeau-style tops. Haven, meanwhile, sported a classic jean jacket over her black minidress, while brother Hayes looked adorably casual in a plaid button-down shirt, T-shirt, and jeans.

“Easter with my mains 🐰💐✌🏽🤍,” Alba captioned the Easter post.

Appearing on the cover of Real Simple’s first-ever “Feelings Issue” for their January/February edition, the actress and entrepreneur recalled how she came to the decision to try therapy with her daughters.

“Honor was probably 11, and we were arguing all the time about dumb stuff. And I was like, ‘I don’t want to live like this. This is not fun,'” she told the magazine.

“I didn’t want us to have a wedge between us. As her mother, when I say something, she’s going to hear it as an argument or as me trying to control her. I wanted there to be someone who could explain things in a way I couldn’t,” Alba continued.

“What I said to Honor was, ‘I want to be a better parent to you, and this is your forum to basically talk about everything that gets on your nerves that I do.'”

Alba said it wasn’t long until both she and Honor started to see how therapy could work for them.

“It put me in check. Like, ‘Yeah, I totally do that. And I’m sorry. I’m going to work on that.’ It gave her a little bit of perspective too — that I’m not the bad guy; I’m just being a parent,” the mom shared.

While speaking with PEOPLE at the Honest Renovations screening with Lizzy Mathis at CHIEF Clubhouse in New York City in August, Alba talked about her kids’ personalities.

“I would say they’re all wildly different,” she said. “They’re all at different stages in life and they need something different from me.”

“The one thing that is consistent,” she continued, “[is] my 5-year-old gets jealous when I cuddle my 12-year-old or my 15-year-old. My 12-year-old gets jealous when I cuddle the 15-year-old and the 5-year-old. And my 15-year-old gets jealous when I cuddle the 12-year-old.”

“If I cuddle one of them and rub their head, then all of a sudden I have all of them on top of me and they’re all like, ‘Mom, rub my head, rub my head, just rub my back,'” the Sin City actress added.

Source: People, Deadline

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