JLo and Ben Affleck Selling Mansion Likely Heading for Divorce

JLo and Ben Affleck Selling Mansion Likely Heading for Divorce

JLo and Ben Affleck Selling Mansion Likely Heading for Divorce

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appear to be on the brink of divorce, as they have listed their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion for sale. Insiders reveal that the couple, who have been facing significant marital issues, are now living separately.

The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer, 54, and the Oscar-winning actor, 51, are working with realtor Santiago Arana of The Agency to sell their luxurious home. The property, which they moved into just last year after a lengthy search, is now on the market for around $65 million.

Sources indicate that the mansion has been shown to potential buyers for the past two weeks. This development follows reports from mid-May that Affleck had moved out of the marital home and into a rental property in Brentwood. He has been seen multiple times in the area, suggesting a significant shift in their living arrangements.

Initially, insiders claimed that the couple was attempting to work through their issues without any plans for a permanent separation. However, tensions have reportedly escalated in recent weeks, making reconciliation seem increasingly unlikely.

Amidst their personal turmoil, Lopez’s professional life has also been affected. The pop star recently canceled her “THIS IS ME…LIVE” tour, which was scheduled to begin on June 26 and run through mid-August. Although the tour had already been shortened due to disappointing ticket sales, Lopez cited a desire to spend more time with her children, family, and close friends as the reason for the cancellation.

Lopez and Affleck, who were previously engaged in the early 2000s, rekindled their romance in the spring of 2021 and married the following year. Despite their efforts to make the relationship work, it seems that the pressures of their high-profile lives have taken a toll.

According to sources, Affleck has come to the realization that their marriage is not sustainable. He reportedly feels that the past two years have been like a “fever dream” and now understands that there is no way to make the relationship work.

The couple’s decision to sell their Beverly Hills mansion is a clear indication of their impending separation. The property, which they purchased for just over $60 million, is now being sold at a potential loss. With broker’s commissions, new taxes on high-value properties, and the money spent on improvements, they are likely to lose millions in the sale.

Affleck has already moved out of the mansion and is currently living in a $100,000-per-month rental. He has been seen enjoying a bachelor lifestyle, further signaling the end of their marriage. Meanwhile, Lopez is reportedly looking for a new home.

The couple’s decision to part ways has been a topic of much speculation, and the sale of their marital home only adds fuel to the rumors. As they navigate this difficult period, it remains to be seen how their separation will unfold and what the future holds for both stars.

For now, it is clear that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are taking steps to separate their lives and move forward independently. The sale of their Beverly Hills mansion marks a significant chapter in their journey towards divorce.

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