John Stamos’ 6-year-old son Billy plays drums at Beach Boys concert

John Stamos’ 6-year-old son Billy plays drums at Beach Boys concert

John Stamos and his 6-year-old son, Billy, are proving to be quite the dynamic duo. The “Full House” star recently shared a heartwarming video on Instagram, showcasing a special moment between him and Billy during a Beach Boys concert in Michigan. The clip, posted on a Saturday, captures the father-son pair playing drums together on stage, much to the delight of the audience.

In the video, Billy, donning a pair of lime green headphones, sits next to his dad and helps play the drums for the Beach Boys’ iconic 1966 hit, “Good Vibrations.” Stamos, clearly proud of his son’s performance, captioned the video, “Had a little help from my son BILLY on good vibrations last night – Wasn’t it nice! @thebeachboys.”

John Stamos shares Billy with his wife, Caitlin McHugh. The couple, who married in February 2018, welcomed their son in April of the same year. This isn’t the first time Billy has joined his dad on stage. In March 2023, Stamos posted a photo of himself and Billy with a guitar, performing with the Beach Boys.

Currently, Stamos is on the road with the Beach Boys for their Endless Summer Gold 2024 tour, celebrating the 50th anniversary of their album of the same name. The tour has provided several opportunities for Billy to showcase his budding musical talents alongside his father.

On July 7, Stamos uploaded another video of Billy joining him onstage during a Beach Boys performance at a music festival. In the Instagram clip, Billy mimics his dad’s drumming, impressing the crowd with his skills. Fans were quick to praise the young drummer, with one commenting, “He stole the show last night!” and another adding, “Was a great concert! So awesome that you were able to have that moment with your son.”

Stamos also shared more clips from the Beach Boys’ performance at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, Illinois, on his Instagram story. In one post, Billy is seen dancing in the crowd, clearly enjoying the music and the atmosphere.

Billy’s love for music seems to be inherited from his dad, who has a long history with the Beach Boys. Stamos, who played the frontman of Jesse & The Rippers on “Full House,” has been performing with the Beach Boys since 1984. The 60-year-old actor has often expressed how much it means to him to play with the band, calling it one of the greatest thrills of his life, next to his family.

In a June 2021 interview with ET, Stamos shared how special it is to introduce music to his son. He recalled a touching moment when Billy sat on his lap during a performance of “God Only Knows” at Petco’s stadium, describing it as a moment he never thought he would have.

Stamos’ Instagram is filled with moments that highlight his deep bond with Billy. From putting baby Billy in his guitar case to walking him through Times Square in a baby carrier, the actor’s love for his son is evident. The family has also shared numerous musical moments, including singing “It’s a Small World (After All)” during quarantine in March 2020.

Billy’s musical journey with his dad has been a joy to watch. In addition to drumming, Billy has also strummed a guitar duet with Stamos during a Beach Boys concert in March 2023. The young musician’s performances have been met with enthusiasm and support from fans and family alike.

Stamos’ connection with the Beach Boys goes beyond just performances. He has appeared in the band’s 1992 “Problem Child” music video and sang lead vocals when the Beach Boys re-recorded their hit “Forever” for their “Summer in Paradise” album. His friendship with the band members has spanned decades, and now, it seems, Billy is becoming a part of that legacy.

The Endless Summer Gold 2024 tour has been a significant part of Stamos’ recent activities. He traveled with the band from May 30 to June 20 and made appearances from July 5 through July 7. According to ABC News, Stamos will rejoin the tour from August 30 to September 1, potentially giving Billy more opportunities to perform with his dad.

John Stamos’ journey as a father and musician continues to inspire fans. His dedication to his family and his passion for music are evident in every performance and social media post. As Billy grows and continues to share the stage with his dad, it’s clear that the Stamos family bond is as strong as ever.

Source: John Stamos/Instagram, ET, ABC News

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