JoJo Siwa drinks Tito’s vodka at LA Pride after 21st birthday

JoJo Siwa drinks Tito’s vodka at LA Pride after 21st birthday

JoJo Siwa Drinks Tito’s Vodka at LA Pride After 21st Birthday

JoJo Siwa made quite the splash at LA Pride In The Park this weekend, just weeks after celebrating her 21st birthday. The event, held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, featured a variety of showbiz personalities, including Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande’s brother. However, it was JoJo who stole the spotlight, not just with her performance but also with her onstage antics.

The former Dance Moms star, now 21, was seen chugging from a bottle of Tito’s vodka while performing. JoJo, who is currently dating Madison Rouge Alvarado after meeting her on So You Think You Can Dance, was accompanied by scantily clad backup dancers. Her performance was a vibrant display of energy and color, fitting for the Pride celebration.

JoJo’s appearance at LA Pride comes two months after she reignited discussions about her desire to create a new music genre called “gay pop.” This idea first sparked controversy in April when she announced her intentions, leading to a wave of backlash on social media. Critics pointed out that many gay artists had been making pop music long before JoJo’s proposal.

Initially, JoJo backtracked on her statement, telling TMZ, “I definitely am not the inventor of gay pop,” but she expressed her hope to contribute to its growth. However, she later doubled down on her vision during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Hits 1 Miami With Mack & Jen. JoJo argued that while gay pop exists as a style, it is not recognized as an official genre like rap, rock, or R&B.

“Gay pop is not an official genre of music. If you look on the iTunes charts, there is no gay pop chart,” JoJo explained. She believes that gay pop artists deserve a more significant platform and recognition. “There are so many gay pop artists, but I think they deserve a bigger home than what they have right now,” she added.

During her performance, JoJo showcased provocative choreography with her backup dancers, donning a rainbow ensemble paired with silver go-go boots. At one point, she leaned over to let one of her dancers grind on her, adding to the spectacle. JoJo’s bold moves and vibrant outfit were a hit with the crowd, who cheered her on throughout the performance.

JoJo’s journey from child star to LGBTQ+ advocate has been marked by both support and criticism. Her comments about “gay pop” have been met with mixed reactions, with some praising her for bringing attention to LGBTQ+ artists, while others feel she is dismissive of the contributions made by previous gay artists.

Despite the backlash, JoJo remains committed to her vision. “I have a vision, I’ve always had it. I know what I want to be. I know where I want to go. I know the level, I know the craziness. I know what I want to make the world believe,” she told Billboard in an interview. JoJo likened her concept of gay pop to the dance style jazz funk, which blends elements of jazz and hip-hop.

Social media reactions to JoJo’s statements have been varied. Some users mocked her for claiming to create a genre that has existed for decades, while others supported her ambition to elevate gay pop artists. “This is what happens when you tell a child that they’re great at everything and never criticize them on stuff, you get this,” one commenter wrote. Another user called her idea “the most ignorant thing on planet Earth,” highlighting the contributions of queer artists who came before her.

As the controversy continues, JoJo has acknowledged her predecessors in the gay pop scene, including icons like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and even Michael Jackson. She hopes to build on their legacy and bring more attention to LGBTQ+ artists in the music industry.

JoJo’s performance at LA Pride In The Park was a testament to her vibrant personality and commitment to her cause. As she continues to navigate her career and advocacy, it remains to be seen how her vision for gay pop will evolve and be received by the public.

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