Jon Bon Jovi Pleads Lzzy Hale to Join Skid Row Permanently

Jon Bon Jovi Pleads Lzzy Hale to Join Skid Row Permanently

Jon Bon Jovi Pleads Lzzy Hale to Join Skid Row Permanently

Jon Bon Jovi has joined the chorus of voices urging Lzzy Hale to become a permanent member of Skid Row. The Halestorm frontwoman recently stepped in for four shows as Skid Row’s lead singer, and her performance was nothing short of spectacular. Despite her success, Hale has ruled out a permanent role due to her busy schedule. However, that hasn’t stopped fans—and now Jon Bon Jovi—from dreaming of a re-recorded “Big Guns” with Hale on vocals.

In a recent interview with Rock Sound, Bon Jovi, a close friend of Skid Row guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo, made a heartfelt plea for Hale to join the band permanently. “She should please join Skid Row. Please, Lzzy Hale, join Skid Row. Put the two bands [Halestorm and Skid Row] together if you need to. But this is the best thing that happened to Snake since he met me,” Bon Jovi said, as transcribed by Blabbermouth.

Hale responded to Bon Jovi’s comments on Instagram, expressing her gratitude. “What a compliment, what an honor, and what a tremendous piece of advice! Thank you for your kind words and candor @jonbonjovi,” she wrote. Despite the praise, Hale’s response suggests she is unlikely to take up Bon Jovi’s advice, given her commitments with Halestorm.

Bon Jovi’s plea came during a special video feature for Rock Sound, where various musicians asked him questions. When Lzzy Hale’s name was mentioned, Bon Jovi immediately responded with his plea for her to join Skid Row. His comments highlight his long-standing friendship with Sabo, dating back to their teenage years. Bon Jovi even helped Skid Row secure their first record deal with Atlantic Records.

Hale’s recent stint with Skid Row came after the departure of Eric Gronwall. Her performance was warmly received, not just by fans but also by Bon Jovi. In a recent interview with Terrie Carr of Morristown, New Jersey’s 105.5 WDHA, Hale addressed the possibility of continuing with Skid Row beyond her fill-in dates. “You never know. I will say something that most likely will happen is that these will not be the only four dates you ever hear. I will say that,” Hale said.

She added, “As far as me being the permanent member of Skid Row, we’re gonna all have to find a plateau in our schedules to do that. But you never know. Sounds like a pretty good gig for me, if I ever get to that point.”

Before taking on the fill-in role, Hale expressed her deep admiration for Skid Row’s music. “It just goes so much deeper for me than just helping out some friends,” she said. Hale credited Skid Row’s albums for shaping her as a musician. “I can honestly tell you right now that I would not be the rocker that I am today without Skid Row and those albums,” she added.

Despite the allure of joining Skid Row, Halestorm remains Hale’s primary focus. The band is set for a major summer tour with I Prevail, starting July 9 in Raleigh, N.C., and running through October 12 at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, Calif. Halestorm has also released a new collaborative track, “can you see me in the dark?”

While the idea of Hale joining Skid Row permanently is tantalizing, her commitments with Halestorm make it unlikely. However, her recent performances with Skid Row have left a lasting impression, and fans can still dream of what could be.

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