Judy Belushi-Pisano actress and widow of John Belushi passes away at 73

Judy Belushi-Pisano actress and widow of John Belushi passes away at 73

Judy Belushi-Pisano, the actress and producer known for her work on “The Blues Brothers” and “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” and the widow of comedian John Belushi, has passed away at the age of 73. The news was confirmed through posts on John Belushi’s official social media pages, which paid tribute to her life and legacy.

“Today, our hearts are heavy as we say goodbye to our sweet Judy,” read a heartfelt post on Instagram. “Her unwavering dedication and creative genius alongside Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi gave birth to The Blues Brothers, a timeless testament to the power of music and laughter.” The post continued to highlight her role in preserving John Belushi’s legacy and the Blues Brothers brand, ensuring that their impact on music and comedy would never fade.

Judy Belushi-Pisano met John Belushi during their high school years in Wheaton, Illinois. They married in 1976 and remained together until John’s untimely death from a drug overdose in 1982. Despite the challenges posed by John’s addiction, Judy remained a steadfast supporter and later dedicated much of her life to honoring his memory. She was instrumental in the creation of the 2020 Showtime documentary “John Belushi.”

“There was no one like her. Judy made everyone feel loved,” the social media post from John Belushi’s estate continued. “She was nonjudgmental, light, funny, and pure. You could be truly yourself around her, that alone was a gift.” Judy’s ability to make people feel comfortable and loved was a recurring theme in the tributes that followed her passing.

In 1990, Judy married film producer Victor Pisano, but the couple divorced in 2010. Throughout her life, Judy remained active in the arts, particularly on Martha’s Vineyard, where she spent much of her later years. She organized fundraisers for local community services and the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse, showcasing her commitment to the arts and her community.

Judy’s career in the entertainment industry was marked by her collaborations with her first husband, John Belushi. She appeared in “The Blues Brothers” and “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” and had roles in “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “All Downhill From Here.” She also served as a producer on “The Best of John Belushi” and “John Belushi: Dancing on the Edge.” According to IMDb, she was working on a Blues Brothers television series at the time of her death.

Judy and John first visited Martha’s Vineyard in 1974, following a recommendation from a musician friend in Boston. At the time, they were living in New York City, where Judy worked as a radio producer and John was beginning to find success in comedy. The island became a significant part of their lives, and Judy continued to be involved in its artistic community long after John’s passing.

In a 2020 interview with People magazine, Judy reflected on her relationship with John, recalling how he had once suggested she break up with him because he wanted to be an actor and feared he would never make any money. “But I always thought he’d do well,” she said. Her faith in him was well-placed, as John went on to become a beloved figure in comedy.

Judy’s dedication to preserving John’s legacy extended beyond her personal memories. She was actively involved in projects that celebrated his life and work, including the 2010 documentary “John Belushi: Dancing on the Edge.” Her efforts ensured that new generations could appreciate the impact John had on comedy and entertainment.

Judy Belushi-Pisano’s passing marks the end of an era for those who cherished the work of John Belushi and the Blues Brothers. Her contributions to the arts and her unwavering support for her late husband’s legacy have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. She is survived by her children and grandchildren, who will carry forward her love and dedication.

As the world bids farewell to Judy Belushi-Pisano, her legacy of love, creativity, and dedication to the arts will continue to inspire. Her ability to make everyone feel loved and accepted, her nonjudgmental nature, and her light-hearted spirit will be remembered by all who knew her. The Belushi and Pisano families, along with countless fans, will carry her love in their hearts forever.

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