K-Netizens react to court decision on injunction against HYBE

K-Netizens react to court decision on injunction against HYBE

Min Hee Jin has recently secured a significant legal victory against HYBE. The court’s decision to grant her injunction means HYBE cannot use its majority shareholder power to remove her as CEO of ADOR at the upcoming shareholders meeting.

This development has ignited a wave of reactions among netizens:

“Min Hee Jin won because she was truthful.”

“The atmosphere at HYBE must be chaotic right now, haha.”

“It will be tough for Min Hee Jin to continue as CEO. Everyone around her has already rejected her, so every day will be stressful. Regardless of whether HYBE and ADOR continue their conflict, the important thing is that K-pop itself remains undamaged. I hope HYBE treats their idols well and isn’t too harsh on them.”

“By tomorrow, ADOR’s management team will all be replaced except for CEO Min Hee Jin. She will be nothing but a figurehead. HYBE will only keep her as CEO because of the lawsuit.”

“After this, ADOR’s management practices will be heavily scrutinized by HYBE.”

“HYBE’s stock price is down, their company image has been damaged, and so far they’ve gained nothing.”

“It must have been difficult for the judges. In the past, they only had to worry about those in power, but now they have to worry about idol fans too.”

Netizens have been vocal about the court’s decision to grant Min Hee Jin’s injunction. On May 30, Seoul’s Central District Court ruled in favor of Min Hee Jin, preventing HYBE from forcing ADOR to hold a shareholder’s meeting where they planned to terminate her. Fans celebrated the ruling, happy that Min Hee Jin and NewJeans would remain together for the foreseeable future.

“I am relieved ㅠㅠ (Min Hee Jin) stay with NewJeans for 100 years.”

“I’m so relieved, lol. Min Hee Jin, hwaiting!”

“I’m so relieved, ㅠㅠ. HYBE was attacking her without any evidence.”

“I’m so relieved.”

“Those that said there wasn’t any chance of her winning didn’t know what they were talking about. Min Hee Jin didn’t win due to emotions but her contract.”

“LOL, I knew it due to how crazy HYBE was using media play.”

“I’m getting tears ㅠㅠ. I’m so relieved.”

“So HYBE literally trashed her because they didn’t like her and without good cause.”

“Good, good, I knew it, lol.”

“Cinderella wins~”

“Cinderella wins ㅠㅠ”

“I’m so relieved.”

“Cinderella wins. I guess some people need to be reminded who was the one using emotional manipulation.”

HYBE has responded to the court ruling in favor of Min Hee Jin. They stated they would respect the court’s decision and not exercise their voting rights to dismiss her at the upcoming shareholders meeting. However, they plan to take further legal action.

HYBE’s statement reads: “Our company respects the court’s decision in terms of the provisional injunction lawsuit filed by CEO Min Hee Jin, and we will not exercise voting rights in favor of the ‘Dismissal of Inside Director Min Hee Jin’ at the upcoming shareholders meeting. Furthermore, the court clearly stated, ‘It is evident Min Hee Jin looked for ways to weaken HYBE’s control over ADOR and allow Min Hee Jin to control ADOR independently by either taking NewJeans out from under HYBE’s control or pressuring HYBE to sell its shares of ADOR,’ our company plans to proceed with steps within the boundaries set by the law.”

Reports also revealed that the court set a compensation value of 20 billion won ($14,528,232 USD) for Min Hee Jin if HYBE violates the injunction request order. Additionally, HYBE’s operating profit is reported to be 2.9 billion won ($2,106,518.24 USD).

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