Kate Middleton’s critics warned as she makes future plans

Kate Middleton’s critics warned as she makes future plans

Kate Middleton’s critics have been issued a stern warning as the Princess of Wales charts her future plans. Royal expert Phil Dampier has urged trolls to cease their attacks, emphasizing that Kate is a superstar who will shine even brighter upon her return.

Speaking to the Sun, Dampier highlighted Kate’s enduring popularity within the Royal Family. He stressed that most people are supportive of her and wish her well during her recovery. “I think most normal people are, most people are just happy to let her recover,” he said.

However, Dampier acknowledged the persistent presence of online trolls. “Obviously you’ve still unfortunately got some very silly people on the internet, trolls on Twitter and various other things and I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do about those people,” he noted. He described these individuals as “nutters” who spread baseless rumors, but reassured that the majority are rooting for Kate.

The royal expert issued a clear warning to Kate’s critics: “When she comes back she’ll probably be bigger than ever but needs to make sure she’s fully fit.” He reiterated that Kate has always been a major figure in the Royal Family and will continue to be so. “She was already the biggest star in the Royal Family and when she comes back she’ll be bigger than ever,” Dampier asserted.

These comments follow a prediction by a celebrity psychic who claimed that Kate Middleton feels fortunate to live her life and is making future plans. The psychic’s insights have only added to the anticipation surrounding Kate’s return.

In a world where public figures are often subjected to unwarranted criticism, Dampier’s remarks serve as a reminder of Kate’s resilience and enduring appeal. As the Princess of Wales prepares for her future endeavors, her supporters eagerly await her return, confident that she will continue to be a shining star in the Royal Family.

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