Kathie Lee Gifford Celebrates 70th Birthday With Grandkids in Sweet Photo

Kathie Lee Gifford Celebrates 70th Birthday With Grandkids in Sweet Photo

Kathie Lee Gifford is basking in the joy of her 70th birthday, surrounded by the love of her family, including her two grandbabies and another on the way. The former “Today” co-host received heartfelt tributes from her daughter, Cassidy Gifford Wierda, and daughter-in-law, Erika Brown Gifford, on Instagram, celebrating her as a devoted grandmother.

Cassidy shared a touching message on her Instagram Story, expressing her gratitude and love for her mother. “Happiest birthday to the one and only @kathielgifford! Laughing through life with you is one of my greatest blessings. Beyond thankful for the woman, believer, and mother you are … and the bubbe you are to little Finn!” Cassidy wrote. She accompanied her message with a series of photos, including a recent one of Kathie Lee with her 7-week-old grandson, Finn.

Erika also took to Instagram to honor Kathie Lee, sharing photos of herself with her husband, Cody Gifford, and his mother. “Happy Birthday to the World’s Most Amazing Mother in Love in the world!!!” Erika wrote. “You’re the greatest bubbe and most fun of humans! && Baby Fwanks also couldn’t love you more.”

Both women paid tribute to Kathie Lee’s late husband, Frank Gifford, who shared the same birthday. Erika posted a photo of their infant son, Frankie, wearing a robe with Frank’s NFL number on it, captioning it “16 forever.” Cassidy also remembered her father with a heartfelt message, “Happy heavenly birthday to my precious dad.”

Kathie Lee’s family is growing, as Cody and Erika announced earlier this summer that they are expecting their second child. Erika shared the news on Instagram with a video montage that included a visit to the doctor and photos of their son, Frankie, holding a pregnancy test. “Celebrating 1 year of #FrankieFridays in a BIG way. 🤍 Thank you so much for all of the love and prayers. It has meant the world,” Erika captioned the video. “Baby Gifford #2 coming this winter ❄️ 💝🙏💘💙 Gifford, party of 4!!! 🥹 #2under2.”

Kathie Lee’s milestone birthday was filled with love and joy, as her family celebrated the wonderful “bubbe” she has become. Cassidy’s Instagram story featured a two-part post, with one part showing a picture of herself alongside her mother and brother, Cody. The follow-up post featured a picture of Kathie Lee holding her grandson, Finn, with the caption, “…And the Bubbe you are to little Finn!” The image captured a giddy Kathie Lee lifting her grandson in the air, both of them laughing.

Erika’s Instagram story included a picture of herself, her husband, and Kathie Lee, all smiling while holding a sonogram. “You’re the greatest bubbe and most fun of humans!” Erika’s message read. Another post showed Kathie Lee holding up Erika’s son, Frank, wrapped in an embroidered bathrobe that read “Gifford 16,” a nod to Frank Gifford’s NFL career. “16 Forever,” Erika captioned the story.

Kathie Lee has embraced the title of “bubbe,” a Yiddish term for grandmother, which she learned from a friend from Israel. During a “Today” appearance with Hoda and Jenna in 2022, Kathie Lee shared her excitement about being called “bubbe” by her grandchildren. “I asked her, I said, what’s a good word for a Jewish grandmother?” Kathie Lee explained. “And she goes, ‘Bubbalah. It’s Bubbie.’ And a little kid only goes, ‘Buh, buh, buh, buh, buh,’ anyway. I think it’s going to be easy. Bubbie.”

Kathie Lee’s former “Today” show co-host, Hoda Kotb, also joined in the birthday celebrations, posting a photo of them together with the caption, “Happy Birthday to the one who brings the FUN!!! I love u @kathielgifford.”

In an Instagram post, Kathie Lee expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of love and birthday wishes. “Hi everybody! I can’t thank you enough for the lovely birthday blessings you have been sending my way. I am deeply grateful for a life that has been full of grace and joy. You have all been a part of it! May the Lord bless each and every one of you. Shalom!”

Kathie Lee frequently shares her love for her children and grandchildren on Instagram. In a photo of her and her grandson Frankie, she wrote, “Heaven…. I’m in heaven! Or as close as I’m going to get to it on this earth!”

The Gifford family is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their newest member this winter. Erika and Cody announced the news with a sweet video montage of her pregnancy test, a visit to the doctor with son Frankie in tow, and photos of Frankie touching Erika’s stomach. “Baby Gifford #2 coming this winter,” Erika captioned the video. “Thank you so much for all of the love and prayers. It has meant the world. Gifford, party of 4!!!”

This will be Kathie Lee Gifford’s third grandchild, and she couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome another little one into the family. As she celebrates her 70th birthday, Kathie Lee is surrounded by love, joy, and the promise of new beginnings.

Source: People, Movieguide

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