Kathryn Dennis Shares Post About Being ‘Grateful’ Following DUI Arrest

Kathryn Dennis Shares Post About Being ‘Grateful’ Following DUI Arrest

Kathryn Dennis has made a notable return to social media following her recent DUI arrest. The former “Southern Charm” star, 32, took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to share a poignant message about the fleeting nature of life. The quote she posted read, “You can literally be here today and gone tomorrow. Be grateful, be humble, be appreciative, be kind, be loving.”

This post comes in the wake of Dennis’s arrest in Goose Creek, South Carolina, last week. She was apprehended for driving under the influence and having an open container in her vehicle after being involved in a three-car collision. According to TMZ, a responding officer noted that Dennis had “glossy eyes and an odor of alcohol coming from her person.”

Footage of the arrest, also obtained by TMZ, showed Dennis in a heated exchange with police officers as they conducted several field sobriety tests before placing her in handcuffs. In the video, Dennis can be seen questioning the officers, asking, “Wait why? Am I in trouble?” and later expressing her frustration by saying, “Y’all are ruining my life — and my kids’ [lives]. Thanks for nothing.”

Dennis’s arrest has brought her past struggles with substance abuse back into the spotlight. In 2019, she admitted that she was not completely sober and still consumed alcohol. This admission came three years after she completed a court-ordered stint in rehab in Malibu, California, as part of her custody agreement with her ex, Thomas Ravenel.

The former reality star shares two children with Ravenel: daughter Kensington, 10, and son Saint Julien, 8. Their tumultuous relationship, which ended in 2016, has been marked by contentious custody battles and public disputes. In July 2019, Ravenel accused Dennis of being “addicted to prescription medications, marijuana, alcohol, shopping, and sex,” allegations she denied at the time.

Dennis’s recent arrest is not her first brush with the law. In October 2023, she was identified as a suspect in a hit-and-run incident at an elementary school, although she was never arrested for that alleged incident. This latest DUI arrest marks her first offense for drinking and driving.

In the aftermath of her arrest, Dennis has shown a mix of defiance and remorse. In the footage from the night of the arrest, she can be seen lashing out at the officers, saying, “It’s really messed up for you guys to just like take people in though. What if they have kids? Because it could really affect their children’s lives.” However, she later apologized for her behavior, telling the officers, “I just want to say I’m sorry for any way I acted toward you, because it wasn’t in any way personal. I’m just upset because I know what this means for me.”

Dennis’s struggles with substance abuse have had significant implications for her custody battle with Ravenel. In 2016, she lost custody of her children due to her marijuana use. After getting sober, she was granted shared custody in 2018, only to temporarily lose it again in 2021. Ravenel was awarded permanent sole custody of the children, with Dennis only allowed supervised visits.

Despite the ongoing legal and personal challenges, Dennis’s recent Instagram post suggests a desire to focus on gratitude and positivity. Her message about the importance of being grateful, humble, appreciative, kind, and loving resonates deeply, especially in light of her recent experiences.

As Dennis navigates this difficult period, her social media activity indicates a willingness to reflect on her life and perhaps seek a path toward redemption. Her followers and fans will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how she handles the aftermath of her arrest and what steps she takes next in her journey.

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