King Charles’ New Plans Leave Prince Harry Deeply Upset

King Charles’ New Plans Leave Prince Harry Deeply Upset

King Charles’ New Plans Leave Prince Harry Deeply Upset

King Charles’ recent decisions have reportedly left Prince Harry deeply upset. The monarch’s latest move involves forcing Prince Andrew to relocate to Frogmore Cottage, the former residence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This decision has added fuel to the already strained relationship between the royal family members.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who stepped down from their roles as senior working royals, were officially evicted from Frogmore Cottage last year. The couple had hoped to re-establish the residence as their UK base. However, King Charles’ insistence on moving Prince Andrew into Frogmore Cottage has dashed those hopes.

Royal expert Tom Quinn, speaking to the Mirror, revealed that despite the deep rift with his father and brother, Prince Harry always harbored hopes that he and Meghan might eventually be allowed to return to Frogmore Cottage. The prospect of his uncle, Prince Andrew, moving into the residence has left Harry deeply upset.

The decision to move Prince Andrew to Frogmore Cottage comes as King Charles insists that Andrew cannot continue to live at Royal Lodge, a 30-room mansion on the Windsor estate where Andrew has resided for decades. For King Charles, this move solves several problems at once. It sends a clear message to Harry that, as a private citizen and no longer a working royal, he will never be allowed back to Frogmore.

Amidst the ongoing rift with King Charles, Prince Harry is said to be deeply upset with his father’s latest plans. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had hoped that they could be allowed to re-establish Frogmore Cottage at Windsor as their UK home. This comes as tensions between royal family members continue to escalate, with new brewing conflict between the monarch and his estranged brother Prince Andrew over Royal Lodge.

The King wants disgraced Andrew to leave the 30-room mansion and shift to Frogmore Cottage, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were residing before stepping down from their royal duties. They were formerly evicted from the Windsor property last year. During their stay in the property, the royal couple renovated the four-bedroom residence for £2.4 million, despite the fact that their current residence in California’s Montecito is worth a whopping £12 million.

The Duke of York presently resides in Royal Lodge in Windsor, and he is unwilling to move out from the residence he has lived in for more than two decades. Prince Harry is reportedly upset over King Charles’ intention to have Prince Andrew take up residence at Frogmore Cottage, a royal commentator has claimed. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were gifted Frogmore Cottage as a wedding present from Queen Elizabeth II. The couple then transformed the four-bedroom property with a £2.4 million refurbishment. They settled into the historic home in 2019 but vacated after their bombshell decision to step back from royal duties in 2020.

In March last year, the Duke and Duchess were officially evicted from the property, with King Charles planning for his brother Prince Andrew to relocate there. Prince Harry is thought to be deeply upset at the King’s decision to have Prince Andrew move into Frogmore Cottage. Royal expert Tom Quinn has now told The Mirror that Harry would likely be particularly troubled by this move. He explained that however deep the rift with his father and brother, Harry always had hopes that he and Meghan might eventually be allowed to re-establish Frogmore Cottage at Windsor as their UK base.

The Duke of York has been embroiled in scandal over the last few years after his associations with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were made public. He has also faced accusations of having sexual relations with Virginia Giuffre when she was just 17, who alleges she was trafficked by Epstein at this time. Andrew has denied all claims. However, in January 2022, a New York judge decided that the Queen’s son would face trial over these allegations, leading Buckingham Palace to announce that Andrew would be stripped of his royal titles.

A month later, Andrew settled the civil case brought against him in the US by Ms. Giuffre for a reported £12 million. The settlement did not include any admission of liability, guilt, or wrongdoing on Prince Andrew’s part. Now, it seems the Duke of York, rumored to have been the late Queen’s favorite son, has been given his “marching orders” by his older brother, according to Tom Quinn. Andrew is furious that despite his pleas to his brother to be allowed to stay at Royal Lodge, he has been given his marching orders. The spat has been going on for some time. Always bullish and overly confident, Andrew was convinced that if he stood firm and continued to refuse to move, his brother would give way, but now that Charles is king, this is not going to happen.

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