Kodak Black Responds to SteveWillDoIt Over Alleged Richard Mille Theft

Kodak Black Responds to SteveWillDoIt Over Alleged Richard Mille Theft

Kodak Black Responds to SteveWillDoIt Over Alleged Richard Mille Theft

Kodak Black has found himself in the middle of a heated controversy with YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, following accusations of an attempted theft involving a $500,000 Richard Mille watch. The drama unfolded when SteveWillDoIt took to Twitter, now rebranded as X, to claim that the rapper tried to rob him.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, SteveWillDoIt questioned the financial status of rappers, stating, “Do rappers make money? Kodak Black just tried to rob me for my Richard Mille. Is every rapper broke? The guy smokes meth, probably insane. Kodak Black is 100% on drugs.”

Kodak Black, visibly upset, responded during an Instagram Live session. “That’s why I hate drunk stuff. I hate drunk stuff. People always get beside themselves. That’s why I don’t drink liquor no more,” he said. Addressing SteveWillDoIt directly, Kodak added, “Why are you being prejudiced, sir? Have you seen me do any drugs? You made a tweet to the whole world like I wasn’t finna get on the internet and say, ‘Oh, SteveWillDoIt is a b****.’ I told you to your face and I threw your stuff on the floor.”

The incident, which reportedly occurred without any additional witnesses, remains shrouded in uncertainty. However, Kodak Black appears to be taking the accusations seriously enough to threaten SteveWillDoIt with physical harm. “I don’t give a [expletive] about none of them muscles or that tight ass suit you was wearing yesterday,” Kodak fired back. “I told you to your [expletive] face. A n**** will knock your drunk ass out.”

The back-and-forth has drawn significant attention online, with fans and followers weighing in on the dispute. While some support SteveWillDoIt’s version of events, others find it implausible that Kodak, who reportedly owns multiple high-end watches, would attempt such a theft.

This feud comes on the heels of Kodak Black’s recent collaboration with Don Toliver for their new single, “BROTHER STONE.” The two artists shared a music video for the song on Saturday afternoon, adding another layer of complexity to Kodak’s current public image.

As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether the two will resolve their differences or if the feud will escalate further. For now, the online community remains divided, with both Kodak Black and SteveWillDoIt standing firm in their respective positions.

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