Kodak Black Shares Reasons for Not Performing ‘Super Gremlin’

Kodak Black Shares Reasons for Not Performing ‘Super Gremlin’

Kodak Black has recently shared his reasons for no longer performing his hit single “Super Gremlin,” a decision that ties closely to his journey towards sobriety. The Florida rapper took to Instagram to inform his fans about this significant change, emphasizing his commitment to quitting drugs and his past fear of being sober.

During a live stream, Kodak Black announced, “I’m about to stop performing ‘Super Gremlin,’ period. I hate that lil’ sh*t. I’m sober for the most part and I say this, like, around my people them so they know… that [it’s] serious. I could talk about it now. You feel me? For the most part bro I be sober, brother.”

He elaborated on his struggle with sobriety, comparing it to a superhero’s challenge, “Like Batman, I couldn’t have waited ’til, like, Saturday [to take drugs]. Now, I can wait a few days… I’m proud of myself. I ain’t saying I couldn’t have; it was just like a ni**a was scared to be sober.” He also used this moment to encourage others battling substance abuse, saying, “That’s motivation for ni**as to feel like if the Gremlin could do it, y’all could do it.”

Kodak Black’s decision to stop performing “Super Gremlin” is deeply personal. Last week, during a concert, he opened up about his struggles with pills and expressed regret over the lyrics in “Super Gremlin” that reference drug use. The specific line he referred to is: “I knew the Perc’ was fake, but I still ate it ‘cause I’m a gremlin.”

Reflecting on this, he told the crowd, “It’s sad though, bruh, because it’s like that sh*t — the bar came to mind so quick. I’m like, ‘Damn, I don’t wanna say this sh*t, but I know this bi**h gon’ go in.’ But we ain’t gon’ play like that, bruh. When I was at my stage, chewing on them Percs, I ain’t gonna say I popped them bi**hes.”

Kodak admitted to a past habit of chewing “100 Percs a day” and expressed gratitude that they weren’t fake, as he believes he could have died if they were. “I swear to God and my ni**as will vouch — I was chewing 100 Percs a day, man. Average like 40. Average! If I was f**king with them fake sh*ts, bruh, I’d have been dead. Bruh, I say that, I’m explaining myself now. I don’t want y’all to hear that and take that and feel like it’s okay to do that sh*t, ya feel me?”

In the past year, Kodak Black faced legal issues, including an arrest on cocaine charges, which were later dismissed. Following this incident, he spoke out about his journey to sobriety. In an April Instagram Live session, he shared, “I remember a point in my life when I was chewing a lot of Percs. Bro, I’m proud of myself. I’ve never been this happy in my life, bro. I don’t know where this came from. What the f**k going on?”

He continued, “I ain’t even going to say I’m anti-Perc. Like, I never took a Perc since I been home. But bro, my dosage so low that I can’t believe it myself. Man, I’m telling y’all, bro.”

Kodak Black’s journey towards sobriety and his decision to stop performing “Super Gremlin” highlight his commitment to personal growth and health. His openness about his struggles and his encouragement to others facing similar battles reflect a significant shift in his life and career.

Source: The Info Spot

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