Kurt Russell Reportedly Eyed for ‘Yellowstone’ Series Details

Kurt Russell Reportedly Eyed for ‘Yellowstone’ Series Details

Published October 10, 2024 5:43 AM EDT | Updated October 10, 2024 5:43 AM EDT

Will Kurt Russell join the “Yellowstone” universe? It sounds like it’s very possible. The legendary neo-Western series from Taylor Sheridan will end with season five, which is scheduled to return in November.

While the original series is ending with the current season, a spinoff has been in the works for a long time. Multiple major cast members are expected to appear in it, but nobody has been locked down to lead it.

There had been a lot of reports that Matthew McConaughey would lead the way, but that hasn’t been locked down just yet. Now, it sounds like the people in charge might pivot to another legendary actor.

Kurt Russell reportedly targeted for “Yellowstone” spinoff. Jeff Sneider reported (via JoBlo) the famous “Miracle” actor “is circling a role in the project.” Nothing is official yet, but bringing in Russell would be an awesome addition to the “Yellowstone” universe.

He could be the perfect man to be the face of the spinoff series. Not only is Kurt Russell an awesome actor, but he has a proven track record in the genre. We’re talking about the man who starred in “Tombstone” and “The Hateful Eight.”

More than anything, Sheridan needs a big star to be the face of the spinoff. While original cast members will be great, a legit A-list star is necessary to fill the same shoes Kevin Costner did before all his fallout with the show. Matthew McConaughey would be amazing. The same is true for Kurt Russell. Either one could easily elevate the spinoff.

Kurt Russell reportedly eyed for “Yellowstone” spinoff. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for TCM) My guess is there’s going to have to be some final decisions made sooner than later. With “Yellowstone” ending with the rest of season five, production will likely start on the spinoff later this year. That means a star actor has to be locked in relatively soon. Do you want Russell, McConaughey or someone else? Let me know at [email protected].

Kurt Russell is reportedly being eyed to lead a Yellowstone spinoff show, though details on his role and casting talks remain unknown. It’s also unclear which spinoff the Golden Globe and Emmy nominee is currently being eyed for, as there are currently three different spinoffs in the works, including a Matthew McConaughey-led sequel show.

Should Russell’s casting go through, it would continue the Yellowstone franchise’s best trend of casting Western genre icons in major roles. As many eyes remain on how the final seasons of the mainline show will pan out, a Yellowstone spinoff show has reportedly found its lead star. The neo-Western franchise, co-created and run by Taylor Sheridan, has chronicled the various generations of the Dutton family building their ranch neighboring the titular national park, even as they deal with such exterior forces as neighboring Native American tribes and land developers. Since beginning in 2018, Yellowstone has expanded to include two prequel spinoffs, including the Tim McGraw-led 1883 and the Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren-starring 1923.

A recent report from The InSneider (via JoBlo) states that Kurt Russell is currently being eyed to lead the charge on a Yellowstone spinoff show. At the time of writing, it’s not been made clear which of the multiple spinoffs currently in development the Golden Globe and Emmy nominee is being considered for, nor has the extent of these casting talks been made known.

Though the Yellowstone franchise touches on more than just the Western genre, having actors familiar with it does lend extra power to their casting. Given the report of Russell’s negotiations are low on details, he could very well be up for any of the three Yellowstone spinoff shows currently in various stages of development. A present-day set 6666 has been stuck in development hell since 2022, even as the mainline show has continued to expand the Four Sixes Ranch storyline in Texas, while sequels to the main show and 1922 are said to be expanding on the Dutton family’s story, with Matthew McConaughey having been in talks for the former for a year.

Regardless of which show he ultimately signs on to, Russell’s casting would continue one of the Yellowstone franchise’s best casting trends of bringing on Western genre vets for various characters. Beyond Kevin Costner’s John Dutton in the mainline show, 1883 saw the introductions of such genre legends as Sam Elliott, Billy Bob Thornton and Graham Greene, while 1923’s Ford, Timothy Dalton and Robert Patrick, among others, held plenty of experience in the genre. Though the Yellowstone franchise touches on more than just the Western genre, having actors familiar with it does lend extra power to their casting.

Among the various Yellowstone spinoffs in development, 1944 could very well be the perfect fit for Russell to join the hit franchise and introduce a new Dutton family patriarch. Though the star has yet to explore the Prohibition-era of storytelling, Sheridan’s trademark melding of the Western genre with various time periods could make for an intriguing twist on the characters Russell is best known for playing. Additionally, having as powerhouse of an actor as Russell would be a good further expansion of the Dutton family tree to match the strength of McGraw and Ford before him to build towards Costner’s John Dutton.

Every season of Yellowstone is currently available to stream on Peacock, while 1883 and 1923 are available on Paramount+. Source: The InSneider (via JoBlo)

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