LAMB OF GOD Announces 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of Ashes Of The Wake

LAMB OF GOD Announces 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of Ashes Of The Wake

Lamb of God is set to celebrate a significant milestone with the announcement of the 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of their iconic album, “Ashes of the Wake.” This special edition will offer fans a chance to revisit the groundbreaking work that solidified the band’s place in the metal pantheon.

Released in 2004, “Ashes of the Wake” is widely regarded as a seminal album in the metal genre. It features some of Lamb of God’s most enduring tracks, including “Laid to Rest,” “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For,” and the title track, “Ashes of the Wake.” The album’s aggressive riffs, politically charged lyrics, and technical prowess have made it a favorite among fans and critics alike.

The 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition promises to be a treasure trove for fans. It will include remastered versions of the original tracks, offering a fresh listening experience with enhanced sound quality. Additionally, the expanded edition will feature previously unreleased material, including demo tracks, live recordings, and rare B-sides. This collection will provide a comprehensive look at the album’s creation and its impact on the metal scene.

In conjunction with the release of the expanded edition, Lamb of God will embark on the “Ashes of Leviathan Tour” in 2024. This tour will see the band performing “Ashes of the Wake” in its entirety, giving fans a chance to experience the album live from start to finish. The tour will also feature Mastodon, who will be performing their own landmark album, “Leviathan,” in full. This pairing of two iconic albums from 2004 promises to be a monumental event for metal fans.

The tour will kick off on July 19th in Grand Prairie, Texas, and will run through August 31st in Omaha, Nebraska. The final stop of the tour is particularly significant, as it marks the exact date that both “Ashes of the Wake” and “Leviathan” were released in 2004. This tour will not only celebrate the albums’ anniversaries but also highlight their lasting influence on the metal genre.

Adding to the excitement, former Slayer guitarist Kerry King will join the tour with his new project. King’s band includes drummer Paul Bostaph, bassist Kyle Sanders, guitarist Phil Demmel, and lead singer Mark Osegueda. This lineup promises to deliver a powerful performance, adding another layer of intensity to the tour.

Support acts Malevolence and Unearth will also join the tour on select dates. Unearth will replace Malevolence for three dates in August, ensuring that each show offers a unique experience for attendees.

Tickets for the “Ashes of Leviathan Tour” are already on sale, and fans are encouraged to secure their spots early. The tour is expected to draw large crowds, given the significance of the albums being celebrated and the star-studded lineup.

The 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of “Ashes of the Wake” and the accompanying tour underscore Lamb of God’s enduring legacy in the metal world. The band’s ability to continually engage and excite their fanbase speaks to the timeless quality of their music. As they revisit one of their most influential works, both longtime fans and new listeners will have the opportunity to experience the power and intensity of “Ashes of the Wake” in a whole new way.

This celebration of “Ashes of the Wake” is not just a look back at the past but a testament to the album’s ongoing relevance. The expanded edition and tour will undoubtedly reignite the passion of fans and introduce the album to a new generation of metal enthusiasts. Lamb of God’s commitment to their craft and their fans is evident in this comprehensive and thoughtful celebration of one of their most important works.

As the band prepares to hit the road and release the expanded edition, the excitement among fans is palpable. The “Ashes of Leviathan Tour” and the 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of “Ashes of the Wake” promise to be highlights of 2024, offering a fitting tribute to an album that has left an indelible mark on the metal genre.

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