Legendary rock band has no influence to get into Hall of Fame guitarist says

Legendary rock band has no influence to get into Hall of Fame guitarist says

Tommy Shaw, the guitarist for the legendary rock band Styx, recently opened up about the band’s lack of influence in getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Despite their significant contributions to rock music, Shaw admitted that the band has no control over the Hall’s decisions.

In a candid interview with Billboard, Shaw expressed his feelings about the band’s chances of being inducted. “We’re really powerless over it,” Shaw said. “We don’t have any influence whatsoever. So to be anticipating it or be disappointed that we’re not in there… I don’t even know who the people are who judge (the Rock Hall), so I can’t really say much about it.”

Shaw emphasized that the band’s focus remains on their fans and the quality of their music. “We just know that our fans love us and we know that our music is good before we let them hear it. If that thing’s meant to happen, it will,” he added.

Styx, known for hits like “Come Sail Away,” “Lady,” “Mr. Roboto,” and “Blue Collar Man,” has sold over 54 million albums. Despite their commercial success and enduring popularity, the band has been eligible for induction since 1998 but has yet to receive the honor.

Currently, Styx is on tour with Foreigner, another iconic rock band that was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame this year. The tour includes a stop at The Pavilion at Star Lake in Burgettstown on July 31.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has long been a subject of debate among musicians and fans alike. Many argue that the selection process is opaque and that deserving artists are often overlooked. Shaw’s comments highlight the frustration that many artists feel about the Hall’s selection criteria.

In a related story, a baffled bassist from another legendary band recently wondered why it took so long for his group to get inducted into the Rock Hall. “What did we do wrong?” he asked, echoing the sentiments of many musicians who feel snubbed by the institution.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, located in Cleveland, Ohio, was established in 1983 to honor the most influential and significant figures in the history of rock music. However, the Hall’s selection process has often been criticized for its lack of transparency and perceived biases.

Despite these criticisms, being inducted into the Rock Hall remains a prestigious honor for many musicians. For bands like Styx, the recognition would be a validation of their decades-long contributions to rock music.

Shaw’s comments also bring to light the broader issue of how influence and legacy are measured in the music industry. While commercial success and fan support are important, they do not always translate into recognition from institutions like the Rock Hall.

For now, Styx continues to focus on their music and their fans. As Shaw noted, the band’s primary goal is to create music that resonates with their audience. Whether or not they are ever inducted into the Rock Hall, their legacy in rock music is undeniable.

The debate over the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s selection process is likely to continue. As more artists speak out about their experiences, it may prompt the Hall to reconsider its criteria and make the process more transparent.

In the meantime, fans of Styx and other legendary bands can continue to enjoy their music and celebrate their contributions to rock history. Whether or not they receive official recognition, their impact on the genre is clear.

Shaw’s candid remarks serve as a reminder that, for many musicians, the most important measure of success is the connection they have with their fans. As long as their music continues to inspire and entertain, they have achieved something truly significant.

As the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how it addresses the concerns of artists and fans. For now, the debate over who deserves to be inducted will likely remain a hot topic in the music world.

In the end, the true legacy of a band like Styx is not determined by awards or honors, but by the lasting impact of their music. As Shaw wisely noted, “If that thing’s meant to happen, it will.” Until then, Styx will keep rocking on, with or without the Hall’s recognition.

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