Lily Allen Reveals She Purposefully Seduced Her Best Friend’s Biggest Crush

Lily Allen Reveals She Purposefully Seduced Her Best Friend’s Biggest Crush

Lily Allen has recently come under fire from her best friend, Miquita Oliver, for intentionally pursuing and seducing Oliver’s biggest crush. The revelation came during an episode of their shared podcast, “Miss Me?”, where the two friends delved into the details of the incident that took place in the early 2000s.

Allen, now 39, admitted on the podcast that she had flown to Japan with the specific intention of seducing a pop star who Oliver had confided in her about. Oliver had shared her feelings for the pop star, believing that he reciprocated her interest. However, Allen saw this as an opportunity and decided to act on her own attraction to him.

During the podcast, Oliver recounted the betrayal, explaining how she had told Allen about her crush, only for Allen to take matters into her own hands. “There was a pop star,” Oliver began, choosing to keep the celebrity’s identity anonymous. “I found out that he fancied me. I told Lily that I liked him. Cue Lily, gets herself to a festival in Japan and seduces him.”

Allen did not deny the accusation and openly admitted to her actions. “I fancied him, so I was getting mine,” she said, adding that she believed pop stars were “fair game” and that she “didn’t care” about the betrayal. Oliver, while clearly still hurt by the incident, acknowledged that if she didn’t harbor so much resentment, she might have found Allen’s actions “admirable.”

The two friends, who have known each other since childhood, have had their fair share of ups and downs. This particular incident, however, seemed to have left a significant mark on their friendship. Oliver revealed that after finding out about Allen’s actions, she was so furious that she didn’t speak to her friend for six months.

Despite the tension, the two have managed to move past the incident. Oliver admitted that they had “got over it,” and Allen offered an apology, expressing regret for causing her friend pain. “I’m really sorry that you felt like that… I don’t want to cause you any pain,” Allen said. “I actually just thought you’d be happy for me.”

This isn’t the first time Allen has made headlines for her candid confessions. In a previous episode of their podcast, she revealed that she had slept with a TV star when she was “very young,” describing the experience as “pretty traumatizing.” Allen has always been open about her personal life, often sharing intimate details with her audience.

The “Smile” singer has also been vocal about the impact of motherhood on her career. In an interview on the Radio Times podcast, she claimed that having children had “ruined” her career in pop music. “My children ruined my career,” she said, adding that while she loves her children and they complete her, they had a significant impact on her professional life.

Allen, who has two daughters with her ex-husband Sam Cooper, moved to New York in 2020 with her children. She now lives with her husband, “Stranger Things” star David Harbour. Despite the challenges, Allen continues to navigate her career and personal life with the same candidness that has endeared her to many of her fans.

The incident with Oliver’s crush is just one of many stories that highlight the complexities of their long-standing friendship. While the betrayal was significant, it also underscores the resilience of their bond. Both Allen and Oliver have shown that despite the ups and downs, their friendship remains strong.

As they continue to co-host their podcast, “Miss Me?”, listeners can expect more candid conversations and revelations from the duo. Their dynamic, filled with honesty and humor, offers a unique glimpse into their lives and the challenges they have faced together.

In the end, the story of Allen seducing Oliver’s crush serves as a reminder of the complexities of friendships and the importance of communication and forgiveness. While the incident may have caused a rift, it also brought to light the strength of their bond and their ability to move past even the most challenging situations.

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