Little People Big World Fans Call Tori Roloff Superwoman After Race

Little People Big World Fans Call Tori Roloff Superwoman After Race

Fans of “Little People, Big World” are hailing Tori Roloff as a “superwoman” after she completed a half marathon. Over the weekend, Tori shared her incredible achievement on Instagram, leaving her followers in awe. The reality TV star, who has been training for this event, posted a video on June 5, humorously noting that one of her biggest challenges as a runner is simply running.

On June 8, Tori revealed the race she had been preparing for. Standing in front of a Timberline Marathon banner, she smiled for the camera with her husband, Zach Roloff, and their three children—Jackson, 7, Lilah, 4, and Josiah, 2—by her side. Earlier this year, Tori and Zach announced their departure from the popular TLC series after 25 seasons. In her video, Tori disclosed that she chose to run the half marathon distance in Oregon’s Mt. Hood National Forest. The trail, which circled Timothy Lake, was approximately 14.4 miles long, slightly longer than the traditional half marathon distance.

Before the race, Tori posed with friends and family, capturing the moments leading up to the event. Her video documented her progress as she ticked off the miles, eventually showing her crossing the finish line. Proudly holding her half marathon finisher’s medal, Tori ended her video with a snapshot and a lighthearted caption: “So that was fun… but no need to do it again! 🤣.”

Tori expressed gratitude to her friends and mentors who helped her prepare for the race. She also penned a heartfelt message to her husband, Zach, thanking him for his unwavering support. “Thank you @zroloff07 for your ultimate support. For letting me train and take time away from our family to be able to achieve something like this!! You are my biggest fan and I love you so much,” she wrote.

Fans flooded Tori’s Instagram with praise and admiration. “Wow! this is amazing…you go girl!!! 🥳,” one fan commented. Another user declared, “Superwoman 🏅.” Many others congratulated her on the accomplishment and acknowledged the hard work she put into training. “Way to go! That looks like a beautiful place to run! Congrats on your half and all the hard work you did with training too! 😍🙌👏,” one person wrote. “Congratulations, Tori 👏 this was inspiring,” another fan added.

Tori’s sister-in-law, Audrey Roloff, also chimed in, commenting on the stunning course. “👏👏 👏Also this course looks stunning!!!” Tori responded, agreeing that the beautiful scenery helped keep her motivated.

The support and admiration from fans and family alike highlight Tori’s determination and resilience. Her journey from training to crossing the finish line has inspired many, earning her the well-deserved title of “superwoman.”

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