Marcus King Reveals “Delilah” Co-Writing Session With Gabe Lee Nearly Fell Through

Marcus King Reveals “Delilah” Co-Writing Session With Gabe Lee Nearly Fell Through

Marcus King’s song “Delilah” has quickly become a fan favorite, and its journey from inception to release is as compelling as the track itself. Earlier this spring, King unveiled his Rick Rubin-produced album, “Mood Swings,” a project that showcases some of his most vulnerable work to date. While tracks like “Save Me,” “Hero,” and the title track “Mood Swings” stand out, “Delilah” holds a special place in the hearts of many listeners.

The anticipation for “Delilah” began when Marcus King’s wife teased the track on TikTok at the start of 2023. Fans eagerly awaited its release, but King made them wait over a year to hear the song in its entirety. During this period, King was busy touring, which helped to keep the excitement alive. The song gained even more attention when Gabe Lee performed it at a show in January 2024, revealing that he co-wrote the track with King.

In a recent appearance on Bert Kreischer’s Bertcast, Marcus King delved into the story behind the creation of “Delilah.” King explained that he and Gabe Lee were paired for a co-writing session, a process he had mixed feelings about. While he had experienced both hits and misses in previous co-writing sessions, he decided to give it a shot.

King recounted that the initial meeting with Gabe Lee didn’t seem promising. “Sometimes you show up, and the conversation’s not good; you don’t get along, really. And this was the case with Gabe. We showed up, and he was like, ‘Yeah, you know, I don’t really do co-writes, man.’ He was kind of turning his nose up at it, and I was like, ‘Hey man, I’m here for two hours. That’s where they told me to be. So, I’m here, and if you want to write one, we can, but if you don’t, we can just go to lunch. I don’t give a f**k.’”

The turning point came when they decided to go to lunch together. After a few beers and some time to relax, they returned to the session with a renewed sense of creativity. Lee began toying with an idea at the piano, and the name “Delilah” just rolled out. The two artists found their groove, and the song started to take shape.

King’s recounting of the session highlights the importance of chemistry and the right environment for creativity to flourish. “Sometimes you just need a few beers at lunch to loosen up, and I’m glad they did. They ended up writing during the session instead of just doing a lunch because this song has been one of my favorites since Briley King posted that little snippet.”

“Delilah” is a tender love story about longing to return home to a loved one. Its lyrical and sonic qualities resonate deeply with listeners, making it a standout track on the “Mood Swings” album. The fact that such a beautiful song emerged from a session that almost didn’t happen adds an extra layer of intrigue to its story.

The co-writing session with Gabe Lee may have started on shaky ground, but it ultimately led to the creation of a song that has touched many hearts. King’s openness to the process, despite initial reservations, and the eventual collaboration with Lee, resulted in a track that is both emotionally and musically rich.

For those interested in hearing more about the story behind “Delilah,” the full episode of Bert Kreischer’s Bertcast is worth a listen. The discussion about the song begins around the 36-minute mark, but the entire episode offers valuable insights into King’s creative process and his experiences in the music industry.

“Delilah” stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of creativity and the magic that can happen when artists are willing to take risks and collaborate. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best work comes from the most unexpected places.

Source: Bert Kreischer’s Bertcast

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