Martin Lawrence and Will Smith Share Conditions for Sequel Return

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith Share Conditions for Sequel Return

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith Share Conditions for Sequel Return

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have expressed their willingness to return for more Bad Boys movies, provided there is a compelling story to tell. The recent success of Bad Boys: Ride or Die has sparked discussions about a potential fifth installment in the franchise.

The latest movie has surpassed box office expectations, revitalizing Hollywood’s summer season. The Bad Boys franchise, which began in 1995 with Michael Bay’s film, has seen Smith and Lawrence portray Miami cops Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett. The original movie was a hit, grossing $141 million on a $19 million budget, leading to three sequels, with the most recent being Bad Boys: Ride or Die, released on June 7.

As the franchise nears its 30th anniversary, the success of Bad Boys: Ride or Die has led to talks about a possible Bad Boys 5. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Smith and Lawrence outlined the conditions under which they would return for another sequel. Both actors are open to more Bad Boys movies if fans are interested, but they have a few stipulations, including fewer stunts.

Smith mentioned that younger actors would need to take on more of the stunts. He emphasized the joy of working with the characters Mike and Marcus, stating that it feels like home in a movie theater. Smith is keen on making sequels only if there is a meaningful story to tell and if the characters have interesting developments that are worth watching. He wants the movies to be fun, engaging, and possibly even helpful to the audience.

Lawrence echoed Smith’s sentiments, highlighting the fun they have making these movies and the importance of giving fans what they want. He enjoys working with Smith and is open to more sequels as long as there is demand from the fans. Lawrence is cautious, stating that it has to make sense for them to return, but he is not ruling out the possibility.

The success of Bad Boys: Ride or Die could indeed pave the way for Bad Boys 5. The movie has already grossed over $105 million in its opening weekend, and it has the potential to surpass Bad Boys for Life’s total of $426.5 million, making it the highest-grossing movie in the series. This success bodes well for the future of the franchise.

Hollywood has faced challenges at the box office this year, with several summer releases falling short of expectations. However, Bad Boys: Ride or Die has exceeded expectations, helping to revive the summer season. The movie has the advantage of limited competition in the coming weeks, with the next comparable title being Deadpool & Wolverine at the end of July. This gives Bad Boys: Ride or Die room to grow financially.

While Bad Boys 5 has not been confirmed yet, the success of Ride or Die makes it likely that a fifth movie will happen at some point. The schedules of Smith and Lawrence, as well as their ability to continue performing their roles effectively, will play a crucial role in this decision. Both actors are open to returning, and with legacy director Michael Bay making a cameo in the latest movie, the future of the Bad Boys franchise looks promising.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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