Megan Thee Stallion Surprises Fans With Paul Wall At Austin Show

Megan Thee Stallion Surprises Fans With Paul Wall At Austin Show

Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer Tour is in full swing, and she continues to keep the surprises coming. The Houston native knew she had to come correct for the Texas portion of the trek, and she didn’t disappoint last night during her Austin show when she brought out the legendary Paul Wall as a special guest.

Clips from the concert show the 29-year-old introducing The People’s Champ by blasting his bona fide hit “Still Tippin’” by Mike Jones. As he smoothly walks out and takes center stage, the crowd welcomes him by erupting into cheers and rapping along to every word of his memorable verse. Other videos show the fellow Texan performing “Grillz” by Nelly.

The feedback on social media was overwhelmingly positive, with many comments acknowledging how loved Wall is in the culture. “Some people just look better with age,” read one comment under a viral repost of the show and another user humorously replied, “Black don’t crack baby!”

After a tumultuous last few years that included Tory Lanez’s trial and a public breakup, Meg is back on top — and she knows it. She recently provided a positive update for her Hotties on Instagram in the form of a photo dump and a caption that explained each slide. With one photo in particular, she slyly addressed recent critiques she has gotten for not being an “arena artist.”

“Ima pop my sh*t for a second lol but people questioned if I was an arena artist anddd I mean,” closed with the shrugging shoulder emoji.

This was likely in reference to Charlamagne Tha God’s previous comments he made about not knowing if she can sell out arenas. He has since walked back his statements and gave credit where credit was due. “Clearly we got our answers. She sold out 13 arena stops in over 240,000 tickets across North America and Europe. Yeah, so if you’re selling out arenas, you’re an arena artist,” he said.

The latest stop on Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer Tour featured a surprise appearance from another Houston hip-hop legend. While performing at the Moody Center in Austin on Thursday, Megan brought out Paul Wall, who performed his classic hits “Still Tippin'” and “Grillz.” “I’m in my home state so it’s only right I bring out some motherfucking Texas legends,” Meg said on stage as “Still Tippin'” began to play in the background. “Make some motherfucking noise for Paul Wall.”

Following his performance, Paul Wall hopped on his Instagram Stories to thank Megan for allowing him to perform in Austin. “Big thank you to @theestallion for bringing me out in ATX!” he wrote. “Keep killin it Meg!!” Megan wrote back, “Thank you. I appreciate you.”

GloRilla, who’s served as the opening act on Megan’s first-ever headlining tour, also hopped on Instagram to celebrate Wall’s appearance by sharing a photo of herself with the People’s Champ rapper. “I’m da truth I got dat gloooo,” she captioned the photo. Wall reposted GloRilla’s photo on his Instagram Story alongside the caption, “#BIGGLO.”

Austin and Megan Thee Stallion’s home city of Houston got some amazing shows, and with one more to go, there’s even more on the way. Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” tour with GloRilla has wowed audiences and racked up big moments in spades, and everything is that much bigger in Texas. Moreover, her performances in the state (one night in Dallas, one night for Austin and two nights at her home city of Houston over the past week or so), held a lot of big surprises, instances of gratitude and triumph, and of course, plenty of killer tracks and highlights. For Austin (the Thursday, June 13 show), Paul Wall joined the stage, whereas Bun B, Slim Thug, and Lil Keke accompanied Tina Snow in Houston on Friday, June 14. You can find clips below, as well as more footage with the “Via” links further down. Not only that, but there is one more Texas show left, specifically another Houston date, so who knows what could happen tonight (Saturday, June 15)? Maybe there won’t be any special guests, maybe they will be the same, or perhaps Megan Thee Stallion is bringing out even more people. Either way, we’re sure it’ll be a great show, and that it’ll continue to fuel hype for her upcoming album, Megan. The 29-year-old is teasing more material ahead of the LP, and it sounds like it could really ring off.

However, some fans are a little bit confused by Megan’s rollout given the multiple album covers we’ve received for it. At press time, it’s still relatively unclear which one will grace most platforms and which ones will be alternate editions, if at all. Still, some folks definitely liked some of Megan Thee Stallion’s most recent artwork as opposed to her initial reveal, so all’s well that ends well. Maybe more artists should feel free to trial run their covers if they want more fan input.

Meanwhile, this success in Texas as far as shows proves Megan Thee Stallion’s place as an arena artist, something that Charlamagne Tha God recently checked himself over doubting. “Clearly we got our answers,” he said on The Breakfast Club after previously questioning whether she falls in that category. “She sold out 13 arena stops in over 240K tickets across North America and Europe. Yeah, so if you’re selling out arenas, you’re an arena artist.”

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