Meghan Markle Unfazed by Low UK Popularity Focuses on Building American Brand

Meghan Markle Unfazed by Low UK Popularity Focuses on Building American Brand

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been the subject of intense scrutiny and criticism, particularly from the UK media and public. Despite this, the couple remains undeterred and is channeling their energy into building a robust brand in the United States. Their recent split from Spotify, which saw a top executive label them as “grifters,” has not swayed their focus. Instead, they are more determined than ever to establish their presence in the American market.

Rising Above Criticism

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced a barrage of negative comments, especially after their $25 million deal with Spotify came to an end. While the decision to part ways was described as mutual, it didn’t stop a top executive from calling them “f***ing grifters.” However, sources close to the couple reveal that they are unfazed by such criticism. “People can call them money-hungry and even ‘grifters.’ Harry and Meghan think it’s all just jealous and mean people flinging stones,” a source explained.

Meghan, in particular, seems to be taking the criticism in stride. According to insiders, she is now “even more focused on building their brand.” She has her sights set on various ventures, including film and TV production, business, and brand partnerships. “Meghan’s going to be the queen of Hollywood before long, and she and Harry will be raking in millions. To hell with the critics is their attitude,” the source told RadarOnline.

Expanding Horizons

The couple has a plethora of opportunities lined up. Prince Harry is reportedly preparing to head to Africa for a new documentary with Netflix, part of their $98 million deal with the streaming giant. This project will see Harry venturing into new territories without Meghan, marking the next phase of their collaboration with Netflix.

Meanwhile, Meghan is gearing up for a series of lucrative commercial endorsements. These endorsements span various domains, including food, wellness, fashion, and therapy. She is also said to be working on a book with a strong feminist perspective, further solidifying her brand in the American market.

Low Popularity in the UK

Meghan Markle’s popularity in the UK has seen a significant decline, especially after the couple’s departure from royal duties in 2020. According to royal expert Kinsey Schofield, Meghan does not feel welcome or comfortable in the UK. “I know that their popularity has seen a severe decline in Britain, but I also know that Meghan would be treated with kindness if she opted to attend,” Schofield noted.

This sentiment is evident as Meghan will not be joining Prince Harry for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games in the UK. Instead, the couple will reunite in Nigeria to promote the games. The Nigerian Defence Headquarters expressed its honor and delight for the acceptance of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to visit Nigeria in May 2024. During their stay, they will meet with service members and participate in various cultural activities.

Building a New Legacy

Since leaving the royal fold, Meghan and Harry have released several tell-all projects, which have further strained their relationship with the royal family. “Prince Harry is suffering the consequences of his actions,” Schofield explained. “Harry does not take responsibility for the tsunami of hurt he has caused his family. The king sees this very clearly. Harry is still under the impression that he has not done anything wrong by purging family secrets for paychecks.”

Despite the strained relationships and low popularity in the UK, Meghan and Harry are focused on building a new legacy in the United States. They currently reside in California, where they are working on various projects aimed at establishing their brand. Their efforts are not just limited to entertainment and endorsements; they are also involved in philanthropic activities, further enhancing their public image in America.

Future Prospects

The couple’s future prospects look promising, especially in the American market. Meghan’s interest in film and TV production, along with her business acumen, positions her as a rising star in Hollywood. Harry’s involvement in documentary projects and their joint philanthropic efforts add another layer to their brand.

Their focus on building a strong American brand is a strategic move, given the challenges they face in the UK. By leveraging their popularity in the United States, they aim to create a lasting legacy that transcends borders. Their journey is a testament to their resilience and determination to rise above criticism and build something meaningful.


1. Why did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry part ways with Spotify?

The decision to part ways with Spotify was described as mutual. However, it came amid criticism from a top Spotify executive who labeled them as “grifters.”

2. What are Meghan Markle’s future plans?

Meghan is focused on building their brand through film and TV production, business, and brand partnerships. She is also working on a book with a strong feminist perspective.

3. Why is Meghan Markle not joining Prince Harry for the Invictus Games in the UK?

Meghan’s low popularity in the UK and her feeling of not being welcome are cited as reasons for her absence. Instead, the couple will reunite in Nigeria to promote the games.

4. What projects are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle working on with Netflix?

Prince Harry is preparing for a new documentary in Africa, part of their $98 million deal with Netflix. Meghan is also involved in various commercial endorsements and philanthropic activities.

5. How are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry handling criticism?

The couple remains unfazed by criticism and is focused on building their brand. They view the negative comments as jealousy and are determined to rise above it.

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