Meghan Markle Vows Prince Harry’s UK Return on One Condition

Meghan Markle Vows Prince Harry’s UK Return on One Condition

Meghan Markle has set a clear condition for Prince Harry’s return to the UK, according to royal author Omid Scobie. As Scobie prepares for the release of his new book “Endgame,” he reveals that Meghan is adamant about not re-entering what she perceives as the “soap opera” of the Royal Family. Extracts from the book, published by Paris Match, indicate that Meghan has no intention of returning to the UK, a sentiment that influenced her decision to skip King Charles’ Coronation in May.

Despite Meghan’s firm stance, Scobie notes that Prince Harry is open to reconciliation with his family. Harry has reportedly expressed a willingness to move past the ongoing feud. Meghan’s view of the Royal Family as a “soap opera” was a significant factor in her absence from the Coronation, which coincided with their son Archie’s fourth birthday.

The couple’s potential move to Malibu is seen as a strategic step for Meghan’s Hollywood rebranding. They have been discreetly visiting properties in the upscale area of Los Angeles, aiming to be closer to Hollywood. This move is expected to play a crucial role in Meghan’s career revival, especially with her renewed social media presence and alignment with Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel.

King Charles’ reaction to Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries was reportedly one of anger, with the monarch allegedly referring to Harry as “that fool.” This revelation comes from Scobie’s upcoming book, which details the King’s response to the series that exposed family secrets.

In another instance, a lipreader claimed that Prince Harry made a sarcastic remark about Prince William and Princess Kate during their last royal engagement in 2020. The comment was made at the Commonwealth Day Service in Westminster Abbey, marking Harry and Meghan’s final public appearance before relocating to the US.

Scobie has urged readers to wait for the official release of “Endgame” rather than relying on leaked translations, which he believes are inaccurate. He expressed frustration over the premature reports about the book’s contents.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew appears to have received a “royal pardon” as he joined King Charles and Queen Camilla at a recent event. Despite his controversial past, Andrew attended the ceremony as a private individual, not in any official royal capacity.

Queen Camilla is reportedly heartbroken over the decision to cut down nine trees at her country estate, a move she had previously expressed strong feelings against. The trees’ removal was deemed necessary for their health, but it has left Camilla devastated.

As Christmas approaches, speculation is rife about whether Harry and Meghan will join the Royal Family for the holidays. Experts suggest that their attendance hinges on resolving their ongoing feud with the family. Despite sending Christmas presents to William and Kate’s children last year, the Sussexes reportedly received no acknowledgment.

King Charles’ morning routine has also come under scrutiny, with reports of his peculiar request for staff to iron his shoelaces. This detail was revealed by Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, in a documentary.

Meghan once had an awkward moment during a Royal Family Christmas dinner, as recounted in the Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan.” She recalled being ignored by Prince Philip, despite her efforts to make a good impression.

King Charles has yet to appoint any family members as counsellors of state, despite the ongoing controversies surrounding potential candidates like Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. This decision has raised questions about the King’s approach to his duties and the role of his family members.

Princess Eugenie and her family have settled in the picturesque village of Melides, Portugal, a lesser-known but beautiful destination. The move was made shortly before announcing their second pregnancy.

Prince Harry is reportedly feeling “lonely, friendless, and deserted” in the US, according to PR expert Edward Coram-James. He suggests that Harry has been receiving poor advice, contributing to his current predicament.

The latest season of “The Crown” has sparked curiosity among the royals, with former butler Grant Harrold suggesting that both Harry and William will likely watch the new episodes depicting their mother’s final months.

A PR expert believes that Prince Harry can still repair his damaged image, despite the backlash from his recent revelations and accusations against the Royal Family. The expert suggests that Harry needs to make strategic moves to regain public favor.

Omid Scobie claims that Meghan and Kate have not spoken since 2019, despite their public appearances together. He notes that Kate has spent more time discussing Meghan than interacting with her.

In summary, Meghan Markle’s return to the UK hinges on a significant condition, as revealed by Omid Scobie. While Harry is open to reconciliation, Meghan remains firm in her decision to stay away from the Royal Family’s “soap opera.” The couple’s potential move to Malibu and their ongoing public and private challenges continue to shape their narrative.

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