My Spy The Eternal City Official Trailer 2024 Dave Bautista Chloe Coleman Ken Jeong

My Spy The Eternal City Official Trailer 2024 Dave Bautista Chloe Coleman Ken Jeong

Amazon has just released the official trailer for “My Spy: The Eternal City,” the much-anticipated sequel to the 2020 hit “My Spy.” The film stars Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman, who are reprising their roles as JJ and Sophie, respectively. The original movie, which became a surprise success during the COVID-19 pandemic, introduced audiences to the unlikely duo of a tough CIA operative and a clever young girl.

In “My Spy: The Eternal City,” Sophie, now a teenager, persuades JJ to accompany her on a school choir trip to Italy. What starts as a simple chaperoning duty quickly escalates into a high-stakes adventure. The pair find themselves entangled in an international terrorist plot aimed at CIA Chief David Kim, played by Ken Jeong, and his son Collin, who is also Sophie’s best friend.

The film brings back familiar faces, including Kristen Schaal, and introduces new characters played by Anna Faris, Craig Robinson, and Flula Borg. Directed by Peter Segal, who also co-wrote the script with Jon and Erich Hoeber, the movie promises to deliver the same blend of action and comedy that made the first film a hit.

The production of “My Spy: The Eternal City” began in February 2023, with filming wrapping up in Venice by May. The movie is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 18, 2024, marking a global release that fans have eagerly awaited.

The original “My Spy” film was picked up by Amazon Studios from STXfilms during the theatrical shutdowns of 2020. It quickly became one of the most-watched films on streaming platforms that year, following Disney+’s “Hamilton” and Prime Video’s “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.” The story centered around JJ, a CIA operative who is caught spying by nine-year-old Sophie. She blackmails him into teaching her the tricks of the trade, leading to a series of humorous and heartwarming events.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, the film found a dedicated audience, particularly among families looking for light-hearted entertainment during the pandemic. The sequel aims to build on this success, turning the original film into a potential franchise.

The new trailer showcases the picturesque landscapes of Italy, combined with high-octane action sequences and comedic moments. It hints at a deeper storyline involving international espionage and personal relationships, promising a thrilling ride for viewers.

Producers for the sequel include Chris Bender and Jake Weiner for Good Fear Content, Dave Bautista and Jonathan Meisner for Dogbone Entertainment, and Peter Segal, Robert Simonds, and Gigi Pritzker for Madison Wells. Jon and Erich Hoeber also serve as executive producers, alongside Adam Fogelson, Sam Brown, and Rachel Shane from Madison Wells.

The release of “My Spy: The Eternal City” is highly anticipated, especially given the success of the first film. Fans are eager to see how JJ and Sophie navigate their new adventure in Italy, and how the new characters will add to the dynamic.

With its blend of action, comedy, and heart, “My Spy: The Eternal City” is poised to be a hit when it premieres on Amazon Prime Video. The film’s release on July 18, 2024, is expected to draw a large audience, eager to see the continuation of JJ and Sophie’s story.

The trailer has already generated significant buzz, with fans and critics alike looking forward to the film’s release. The combination of a strong cast, an engaging storyline, and the beautiful backdrop of Italy makes “My Spy: The Eternal City” one of the most anticipated films of 2024.

As the release date approaches, more details about the film are expected to emerge, further heightening the excitement. For now, fans can enjoy the trailer and speculate about the adventures that await JJ and Sophie in “My Spy: The Eternal City.”

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