NCT WISH Releases 1st Teasers For Songbird Comeback + Date For Korean & Global Release

NCT WISH Releases 1st Teasers For Songbird Comeback + Date For Korean & Global Release

NCT WISH has set the stage for their highly anticipated comeback with “Songbird.” The rookie unit from NCT has fans buzzing with excitement as they unveiled the first teaser photos for their new single. The teasers were released at midnight KST on June 10, marking the official countdown to their return.

The group has also shared the release schedule for “Songbird.” The single will first drop in Japan on June 26 JST. Following this, the single album will be available in Korea and globally on July 1 KST. This staggered release strategy aims to maximize their reach and impact across different markets.

The teaser photos have already generated significant attention, showcasing the members in a fresh and captivating light. Fans are eagerly dissecting every detail, from the styling to the concept, as they speculate about the direction of the new single.

NCT WISH’s debut has been closely watched, and this comeback is expected to solidify their place in the competitive K-pop landscape. The group’s unique sound and dynamic performances have already garnered a dedicated fanbase, and “Songbird” is poised to elevate their status even further.

The announcement of the release dates has also sparked discussions among fans about the potential for live performances and promotional activities. Given the global release, there is speculation about international appearances and virtual events to connect with fans worldwide.

As the countdown to June 26 and July 1 continues, anticipation is building. NCT WISH’s “Songbird” is shaping up to be one of the most talked-about comebacks of the year, and fans are eagerly awaiting more teasers and updates in the coming days.

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