NIGHTWISH’s TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN Shares His Favorite Rock/Metal Song Of All Time

NIGHTWISH’s TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN Shares His Favorite Rock/Metal Song Of All Time

In a recent interview with Germany’s Rock Antenne, Tuomas Holopainen, the keyboardist and primary songwriter for NIGHTWISH, shared his all-time favorite rock or metal song. Holopainen revealed that his top pick is Metallica’s “One.” He praised the song for its brilliant composition, lyrics, and music video, noting that it holds a special place in his heart as it coincided with his discovery of metal music.

Holopainen reminisced about a pivotal moment in his life when he attended a Metallica and Guns N’ Roses concert in Kansas City in September 1992. He recalled that “One” was the last song played before the encores, and it left a lasting impression on him. This experience was transformative for Holopainen, who credits Metallica with significantly influencing his musical journey and the success of NIGHTWISH.

He shared a memorable encounter with Metallica’s frontman, James Hetfield, at a festival in Belgium about a year ago. After NIGHTWISH’s performance, Holopainen was surprised to receive a pat on the back from Hetfield, leaving him starstruck and speechless. This moment underscored the profound impact Metallica has had on his career.

Holopainen’s admiration for Metallica extends beyond just the song “One.” In a 2020 interview with Metal Hammer magazine, he named Metallica’s self-titled 1991 album as one of the records that changed his life. He recounted how, as a 15-year-old exchange student in Kansas, he attended a Metallica and Guns N’ Roses concert, which shifted his perspective on music and turned him into a devoted metal fan.

NIGHTWISH is set to release their new album, “Yesterwynde,” on September 20, 2024, via Nuclear Blast. This will be the band’s tenth studio album, following their 2020 release, “Human. :II: Nature.” The upcoming album promises to continue the band’s legacy of epic and intricate compositions.

In August 2022, NIGHTWISH announced the addition of Jukka Koskinen from WINTERSUN as an official member of the band. Koskinen had previously toured with NIGHTWISH as a session musician and made his live debut with the band in May 2021 during their interactive experiences.

NIGHTWISH’s lead singer, Floor Jansen, also shared significant news in November 2022, revealing that she was cancer-free after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor following a breast cancer diagnosis.

Holopainen’s choice of “One” by Metallica as his favorite rock/metal song of all time highlights the song’s enduring impact and the profound influence Metallica has had on musicians across generations. As NIGHTWISH prepares to release “Yesterwynde,” fans can look forward to more music that continues to push the boundaries of the genre.

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