Official Trailer and Poster for CONSUMED by The Butcher Brothers Released

Official Trailer and Poster for CONSUMED by The Butcher Brothers Released

Horror stalwart Devon Sawa, known for his roles in “Chucky,” “Final Destination,” and “Idle Hands,” is set to return to the wilderness in the upcoming horror film “Consumed.” Directed by The Butcher Brothers, Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores, the film promises a thrilling creature feature experience. The official trailer and poster for “Consumed” have just been released, giving fans a glimpse of the terror that awaits.

“Consumed” is scheduled to hit theaters and On Demand on August 16, 2024. The film’s plot centers around a married couple, Jay and Beth, played by Courtney Halverson and Mark Famiglietti, respectively. The couple embarks on a celebratory camping trip a year after Beth’s cancer remission. However, their peaceful getaway turns into a nightmare when they find themselves trapped between a vengeful madman, portrayed by Sawa, and a skin-stealing monster.

The Butcher Brothers, known for their work on “The Hamiltons” and “The Violent Kind,” have teamed up once again to bring this horror story to life. The script, written by David Calbert, explores not only the external threats the characters face but also their internal struggles with real-life tribulations such as cancer and grief. Producer Jeffrey Allard, who worked on the 2003 reboot of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” is also on board for this project.

Director Mitchell Altieri shared his excitement about the film with The Hollywood Reporter, stating, “When I first read the script for ‘Consumed,’ I was excited about the challenges it presented. Its characters not only have to face a terrifying creature stalking the woods but individually, they are also forced to struggle with their inner demons brought on by true-to-life tribulations such as cancer or grieving loss. I set out to visually adapt a film that balanced these situations we may all face at one time or another, coupled with the exhilaration and sheer horror of being lost deep in the wilderness as something unknown tracks your every move.”

The trailer for “Consumed” offers a glimpse into the intense and horrifying journey that Jay and Beth must endure. The couple’s fight for survival against both a madman and a monstrous creature is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The film’s poster also teases the eerie and foreboding atmosphere that viewers can expect.

Devon Sawa’s portrayal of the wild madman adds an extra layer of intrigue to the film. Sawa’s previous work in horror films has garnered him a dedicated fan base, and his role in “Consumed” is likely to further solidify his status as a horror icon. The combination of Sawa’s performance, the chilling storyline, and the expertise of The Butcher Brothers makes “Consumed” a highly anticipated release for horror enthusiasts.

The film’s production team includes Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores, Jeffrey Allard, and Joel Pincosy. XYZ Films, known for their work on various acclaimed projects, is the executive producer. The film has not yet premiered at any festivals, but its release is eagerly awaited by fans of the genre.

“Consumed” marks the fifth collaboration between Altieri and Flores, following their successful projects such as “The Hamiltons,” “The Thompsons,” “April Fool’s Day,” and “The Violent Kind.” Their unique brand of horror has been celebrated at top-tier festivals like SXSW, Berlin, Sitges, Fantasia, and Fantastic Fest, and their films have been showcased on major platforms worldwide.

In addition to “Consumed,” XYZ Films has an impressive slate of upcoming projects, including “In Flames,” “The Seeding,” “Blackberry,” “Ash,” “Seven Veils,” “Run Rabbit Run,” “Daniela Forever,” “God Is A Bullet,” “Nocebo,” and “Accused.” They are also in post-production on the Netflix Original action crime thriller “Havoc,” directed by Gareth Evans and starring Tom Hardy and Forest Whitaker, set for release in 2024.

As the release date for “Consumed” approaches, horror fans can look forward to a film that combines psychological depth with visceral horror. The trailer and poster have already generated significant buzz, and the film’s unique premise and talented cast promise an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Brainstorm Media, XYZ Films

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