Olivia Dunne and Xandra Pohl in Lavish Hamptons Getaway After Rumors

Olivia Dunne and Xandra Pohl in Lavish Hamptons Getaway After Rumors

Olivia Dunne and Xandra Pohl in Lavish Hamptons Getaway After Rumors

Olivia Dunne is currently enjoying a luxurious getaway in the Hamptons with her friends, including the notable Xandra Pohl. The duo has been sharing glimpses of their vacation on social media, showcasing themselves in bikinis by a private pool. Dunne, in a black bikini, even performed a handstand on the pool’s edge, highlighting her athletic prowess.

This vacation comes shortly after Pohl, a Miami DJ, was at the center of romance rumors involving former NFL wide receiver Danny Amendola. The two were seen together at the New England Patriots Hall of Fame induction for Tom Brady, sparking speculation about their relationship. They were seated next to each other at a table on the Gillette Stadium turf in Massachusetts, accompanied by former Patriots star Rob Gronkowski and his girlfriend, Camille Kostek.

The Hamptons trip features five girls, including Dunne and Pohl, who were photographed together in a car heading to dinner and a concert. Pohl, who recently made her debut in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, took a selfie with Kostek, captioning it “Sista sista.” She also shared a snapshot of her view at Gillette Stadium.

The other girls on the trip, identified on social media as Karina Revilla, Mia Martini, and Ava Parker, joined Dunne and Pohl in various activities. Parker’s Instagram shows her at The Surf Lodge, a lavish waterside restaurant in Montauk, enjoying a seafood tower filled with shrimp and other delicacies. After their seafood dinner, the group attended a concert together in the Hamptons.

Olivia Dunne has been keeping busy since winning a national title with LSU gymnastics in April. Her future at the school remains uncertain, but she has been making headlines for other reasons. Recently, she starred in a commercial alongside NFL tight end Travis Kelce, who is also in the news for his relationship with Taylor Swift.

The Hamptons getaway has been a much-needed break for Dunne and her friends. The picturesque location and luxurious activities have provided a perfect backdrop for their vacation. The group has been making the most of their time, enjoying the sun, sea, and each other’s company.

Xandra Pohl’s presence on the trip has added an extra layer of intrigue, given the recent rumors about her and Danny Amendola. The Miami DJ has been in the spotlight, and her vacation with Dunne has only fueled more speculation. However, the two seem to be enjoying their time together, focusing on relaxation and fun.

The Hamptons, known for its opulent lifestyle and beautiful scenery, has been the perfect setting for this group of friends. From private pools to lavish dinners, they have been indulging in all the luxuries the area has to offer. Their social media posts have given fans a glimpse into their glamorous vacation, showcasing the best of what the Hamptons has to offer.

Olivia Dunne’s athletic skills were on full display during the trip, with her handstand by the pool being a highlight. Her dedication to gymnastics is evident, even during her vacation. The black bikini she wore added a touch of elegance to her impressive feat.

The group’s activities have been varied, from dining at upscale restaurants to attending concerts. Their time in the Hamptons has been filled with memorable moments, and their social media posts have captured the essence of their trip. The combination of relaxation and excitement has made this getaway a truly special experience for Dunne and her friends.

As the vacation continues, fans are eagerly following their updates, curious to see what other adventures the group will embark on. The Hamptons has provided a perfect escape for Olivia Dunne and Xandra Pohl, allowing them to unwind and enjoy the finer things in life. Their friendship and shared experiences have made this trip one to remember, and their social media posts have given fans a front-row seat to their lavish getaway.

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